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You’re Too Tired for Sex: find out the reasons

Many a times,people hear men telling them that they are too tired to have sexual intercourse with their partners. In case of newly wedded couples,you would find that they have a deep desire to enjoy a wonderful sex life.  However, as time passes by,many men retreat into their own shells due to various reasons. Sex becomes undesirable as time passes by in case of most couples.

Are you facing the same problem?  Do you wish to be able to enjoy sex once again? You may have consulted several doctors but most may have been unable to answer your questions.  It can be difficult to estimate the number of couples who may have undergone therapy.  Both the partners have to be honest with each other to begin with. Here are a few reasons why men complain that they are too tired to have sex.

Most men are always ready for sex but there are certain times when men find excuses to avoid sex by saying they are too tired for sex.

Sex is a natural phenomenon that exists in every human being. Couple getting married recently will be very eager to make love as their desires increases by time. This is very natural phenomenon for every human being just after food and clothes. But, there are situations when couple needs to struggle to carry on with sexual activities for a long time. You can now come across various reasons due to which you feel tired of sex.

Problems in relationship

Healthy sex life always appears when both partners agree. If there is a problem in relationship, you may not be interested to have sex with your partner at all. If you are not mentally agreeing to enjoy sex with your partner, your body will never allow you to proceed. You might not say no to the partner on his or her face but you can bring out reasons and excuses to avoid.

Watching TV too much

Sometimes your favorite shows can be a hindrance in your sexual life. You might be willing to see your favorite tournament after you come back home. While watching television, you must have glued and kept on seeing it for a long time. Till the time you reach bed, your partner might have slept. Thus, watching television for a long time can make your eyes tired. Gradually, you will be in a loss. It is advisable to shut down your TV and jump start your sex life.

Busy life

Too much business in life can also make you tired when you are willing to proceed for sex life. If you are over schedule with official and social activities, you might not get time to enjoy your sexual life. But, good and healthy sex is very important when you want a good personal life. Quality time with your partner can be spent if you can skip some of your schedule.


Health can be another important reason for an individual if he is getting tired frequently. If you are suffering from heart disease, there will be difficulty of erection. This is the time to speak to your cardiologist when you are actually suffering from unhealthy health condition. Congestive heart failure is a situation when an individual suffers from much type of disabilities. Tiredness to perform sexual activities is one of the reasons.


Some people might lose interest in sex gradually. They may also lose interest in everything they had interest few days ago. This can be the reaction of depression. A depressed person also suffers from loss of sleep. You must show a therapist and find out ways to overcome this situation. Treatment of depression is very important for all those willing to improve their mood while going through sexual activities.

Overload of exercise

Regular exercise is good for health. But, it is very important to be assured about getting overload while exercising. Sex life can be improved if you make a routine of exercise. You can easily get more flexible while performing various postures. But overload of exercise can make you tired and you can soon experience improper sex life.

Reasons for men being tired for sex

  • Testosterone levels are low the testosterone levels begin to reduce after the age of 40. It is normally a slow process but sometimes when the levels drop rapidly the person loses energy and develops symptoms of low sex drive.
  • Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction is common but sometimes men start feeling low with these symptoms and withdraw from sex. They lose their self-esteem for not being able to satisfy the partner. This problem can be overcome by discussing it with the partner and try to spend more time in bed than withdrawing from the situation.
  • Problems on work front or career issues can reduce the sex arousal. It makes the men feel worthless and develops a negative attitude at all ends. Such situations must be solved by discussing it with friends and relatives.
  • Dehydrated and out balance can make a person feel tired and exhausted. The heart will get less blood volume and the person will be more tired. Consumption of more water is the best solution.  Being out of balance means putting strain on areas like liver and kidney which tend to stress out the person by excess draining. A healthy life style with proper diet will help in solving this issue.
  • Lack of Vitamin C in the body can also be a reason for tiredness. This is possible after some stress, surgery or serious illness. Adrenal glands require vitamin C to keep out stress and fatigue.Good sources of vitamin C include apples, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower,tomatoesanddark leafy vegetables.
  • Low magnesium is found to promote symptoms of chronic fatigue. This can be a result of excess alcohol or constant intake of contraceptive pills. Brazil nuts, yogurt, broccoli and green beans are best sources of magnesium.
  • Thyroid is under active The thyroid gland has the capacity to set the metabolic rate. A person with under active thyroid can develop symptoms of being tired , getting cold too often and is gaining weight need to get his thyroid level tested
  • Heart Health early stage of heart problem can be difficulty in erection and loss of sex desire. It must be remembered that heart life and sex life go hand in hand. Regular heart check-ups will help to solve this problem.

The reasons for men complaining that they are too tired to have sex

  • Your husband or your man may be having an extra marital affair. A man will say these things only when he is truly guilty that he is not loyal to you. If you think that your husband maybe having an affair with someone else then you can talk to him about it only after getting it cleared. Of course,you cannot expect him to honestly come to you and own up that he is having an affair with someone else.  You would need to find out using the help of someone you are well acquainted with and keep the matter sealed till the moment he is ready to speak to you.
  • Many a times, it so happens that men are unable to get some proper sleep due to family and office pressures. Under such circumstances, he may feel devoid of the stamina to have sex with you. He might be feeling too tired to even speak to you, leave alone have sex with you. The man should catch forty winks after an entire day’s work. It may so happen that after having dinner and a whole day’s routine he may crave to watch some TV. It is recommended that if the man wants to enjoy a good sex life, he should catch some sleep.
  • If you feel that you may not be able to enjoy sex at night, then you should get close with your partner during the day since there are many men who feel aroused during the daytime rather than at night. On the other hand, you could consider meeting up at lunchtime and do some catching up. Do whatever suits you best.
  • One of the best ways to turn on your partner is trying to have sex with her without any particular plans. There are several couples who have sex routinely every night.  However, if you are bored with it then you can go out on a date to spend some time together and go for some sexual adventures when the two of you are alone.  However, if you think that you cannot sleep without having sex on a daily basis, then night is the best time to catch up with each other. They can end their routine and then have a grand sleep. Planned sex can relieve you from your everyday life pressures. Now,it is totally up to you what you want from your married life.
  • Arousal is next to impossible when you have had a very hectic day but you should try it at least once when you are tired. It is also a part of life. Just as your work is important to you, sex life is important to you and your woman. It is important to keep that in mind.After reading these reasons, you might want to spend more time with your woman rather than giving excuses all the time. If you are facing difficulties such as medical problems, you would be better off consulting your doctor and getting them solved rather than keeping them shelved and letting them worsen till it is too late to even make amends.