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Winter skin care tips for men

Men think that taking care of their body is too womanly in nature. Well in reality the case is not so. People should care about their body be it on any month. But on winters you need to take extra care of your skin because of the weather. If you follow a few simple tips then you will have a blemishing skin and each and everyone around you will ask you how did you maintain yourself despite of going out in the cold weather?

Winter is all set to hit its nature on the skin. Not only just the girls need to follow appropriate caring tips but men are more required to follow them too. So, here are the set of winter care tips for men to activate their skin cells shiny and glowing.

Lather and rinse

Most of the men don’t like to use the bath tools like loofahs and some other items which are more feminine. So, rather than using them go with the body washes that simply produce lathers easily. Body washes specially designed for men gives the foam simply by the use of hands or a wash cloth.


Indeed our skin cells tends to become slow in producing the new cells, it is necessary to exfoliate in all the winter months. Winter climate makes our skin more prone to dead skin cells and flaky parts on our body. So, it is recommended to exfoliate once in a week to remove the dirt and the flaky dead skin from the body there by it helps in reducing the irritation, and more over it aids for the promotion of oil in the skin. An additional benefit of weekly exfoliation includes the follows: It gears up the skin for a good closer shave and mainly reduces the risk of ingrown hairs.

Apply moisturizer

The winter winds are the professional robbers of the skin’s natural moisture’s. The out side cold wind and inside dry air competitively leaves the skin dry and makes it prone to itchiness and uncomfortable. A high-quality moisturizing product will help to retain the skin looking tight and youthful immediately. So, it is recommended to take the help of moisturizer to add shine and moisture to your dry skin. If your skin is feeling too sensitive then go with extra cream encompassed products like dove, which consists high amount of moisturizing cream. Try to apply for every one hour or more to make the skin sooth and healthy looking.

Avoid daily shampooing

Men feel to shampoo daily and it is more simple for them to act accordingly due to the short hairs. But everyone need to remember that excessive shampooing will strip away the natural oils present in the scalp. As winter is a season of flushing natural oils your daily shampoo method will adds up the heavy dryness problem. So, whether your hair is oily, combination or normal use shampoo for hardly to three times a week. Also check the ingredients in the shampoos, it is always good for your hair to stay away from the harsh chemicals encompassed hair products.

Cover yourself

Cover your skin which is exposing to the winds. Prefer wearing the thick clothes to generate the heat from with in. Wrap your ears and nose with a scarf, wearing a pair of socks and hand gloves makes you feel more warmth.

Lip care

Don’t skip reading this tip, it is not that feminine. Your lips also need moisture in order to avoid the breakouts. So, prefer applying a dab of petroleum jelly on your lips to avoid the chapped lips. Apply it for every two hours or more to retain the moisture in them.

If you follow a few simple tips then you are surely going to win this battle. On top you are also going to have a ravishing and a fresh look. For getting that ravishing look you just need to follow a few basic steps. They are as follows:

  1. Get to know about your skin- You should have a good idea about the type of your skin. When you get to know this then maximum of your job gets done out there. If you know this it becomes very easy for you to choose products from the market. Some people may have a dry skin or some may have an oily skin. Whereas some people may have a combination of both the skin types. So there are different skin products available in the market for different skin types. You have to be sure first about the type of your skin. Only then can you buy the product and apply it on your face. If you apply the wrong product then you may have side effects. Now you won’t like to have that. So be really careful about that.
  2. Get hold of some cream to apply it on your palm- Well you often forget the most important part of your body. That is your palm. All the other parts of your body are duly taken care of. But your hands are avoided to the extreme limit. If your profession is such that you need to stay out whole day long then you would have to use a hand cream so as to moisturize it. If your hands doesn’t stay soft then it looks very horrible. Sometimes you may not like to wear gloves. In that case your hands may not be able to take in the cool breeze. So they become chapped and dried. Choose a perfect hand cream for your hands.
  3. Look after your eyes well- The cool breeze will spoil the areas surrounding your eyes. This will also cause you to look aged. If you are thirty then you are likely to like a thirty five year old man. You are also prone to get more dark circles around your eyes. To save yourself from such a situation you need to get hold of some eye cream that can be applied around your eye area so that you look fresh.
  4. Take proper care of your moustaches- Do you still keep moustache? Do you still like to wear it long? Then for that you would have to maintain your beard very nicely. You should wash your beard very nicely with shampoo every day to keep it clean. After that you should dry it off and dry it with a hand towel by soaking the water from it. After that you have to brush your comb through your beard so that it stays in place. If your beard gets dandruffs then you should take immediate steps. It’s very likely that it can get dandruffs. So you have to save it from those dandruffs which can also lead it to fall very rapidly.
  5. A nice shave- many men likes to have a clean shave. There are many after and before preparations for shaving. If you want to shave your beard then you should wash your face with warm water first. This will let the hair follicles to get opened. This will make your task easier. After that you should give smooth strokes on your face. After every stroke you should wash your face. When your whole task is done then you should apply some antiseptic or some balm so that you do not get any rashes or any kind of allergies on your face. If it was summer then it could have been easily prevented. As it is winter you should have to be extra careful.
  6. Having lots of water- during winters you should have plenty of water so that your skin stays hydrated. People tend not to drink water during this season as it is very cold outside and they normally do not feel thirsty. But they should drink at least two liters of water every day. This will also keep their skin moisturized. Moisturizers will obviously do their work. But taking care of these minor things will also do some trick for you.

These are the tips and tricks that you can follow in your everyday life in the winter season. If you can do so then you would be very less affected by the cool breeze of the weather. Or else you would suffer. You can also use some home products to moisturize your skin whenever you want. Using outside products is not good at all. It will harm your skin. On top they are highly costly. Even if they come within your budget thy will moisten your skin less than any other natural products. On top they contain many chemicals in it. You just don’t know which chemical will affect your skin and when. While choosing the product you have to be extra careful.

Different season has different tips. If you follow those you are likely to look good at all times. These are not any kind of beauty tips but they are just a way to maintain your skin. If you want to look the age you are in then you should follow these steps. These are surely to help you out. You just won’t be disappointed with the tips and tricks.