Winter care tips for men

Winter care tips for men

Winter is the season when you need the best of care. This is the time your skin experiences the roughness and you can feel the harshness of the skin. Just like tremendous heat you don’t even feel good when exposed to too much coldness. The skin reacts and you feel so uncomfortable. This is the reason it is important that you look for the right skin care routine. This way your skin is sure to experience the soft touch and you are made to feel so creamy and nourishing. There are more things that you need doing in winter and there are even things that you need to avoid during the season. So make sure that you follow them all to stay rejuvenated during the time.

The chill and cold winds has the power to suck of sucking moisture form the skin, it not ends up there but creates more them irksome moments. Turning the skin dry, unpleasant and dull is the best game played by winter. But tilt the game towards you and hit the score board with the precautions and the perfect treatments.

Most of the men take a member in the carefree world, but it is not a good choice to leave to skin to air. Skin loses its natural moisture and elasticity and tends to be wrinkle oriented and dull, when there is no owner to care it.


Ever ending magic of winter involves with losing of natural skin moistures and oils. To bounce your skin into the moisture land you need to apply a good moisturizing cream or gel. Try natural moisturizing ingredient like aloe vera, it has the ability to offer your skin enough moisturizers. Apply the gel and feel the difference. It even helps to treat the common problems like wounds, cuts and burns.


Not just the skin that is exposing to the chill weather got affected but your entire body feels the same dryness. To give a polish with almond oil to your entire body after the shower or you can add few drops to your bath followed with soaking the body for few minutes. It helps for all kinds of skin textures.

Winter shave

Shaving in the winter is an annoying duty. Since the growth of hair will be thick and causes pain in the shaving time. So, to sort this problem, apply a cream or oil on your face for few minutes and join your process of shaving. At the finishing step don’t end the climax with the after shave, instead choose vitamin E rich oil to mild the scars and razor burns.

Bath with warm water

Independent of the season, whether it is sun burning summer or body freezing winter prefer to put the body under luke warm water, it helps to lock the moisture in the skin and makes it soft in a natural way. Well, don’t go with hot water which strips the natural oils in the body.

Cleanse your skin

Cleansing is a good habit to add up to your daily tasks, cleansing before you going to bed is a preferred time. Cleanse with the help of natural cleansers like milk, it will take off the dirt and dust particles that are builded over your skin from the morning. Soap bars no single tract helps your skin, they absorbs the moisture from the skin and leaves you the life less part. So, don’t go with harsh soap bars. To the final, you can use dove which is having 1/4 amount of moisturizing cream and less skin drying properties.

Drink plenty of water

It is a very known and less practiced tip, though most of people who are reading this point already know the importance of water to skin. Drink to the adequate amount and stay hydrated, because dehydration throws you dry skin.

Planning for the right skin care

Initially it is important that you have the perfect idea about the sort of skin you have. It is required that you determine the skin type. Now, you know the products which can work best for the skin. If you are not buying the right brands then it is sure to be wastage of money and time that you spend on the skin. You have the variety of oily skin, tight skin, dry skin and the rest. so, you have to decide the sort of treatment the skin is in need of.

Taking care of the hands in winter

In winter you become busy with the rest of the skin but you forget about the hands. This is the part of the body which remains exposed to extreme heat or cold. Thus, it is important that you take care of the same. In case you don’t prefer using gloves then you can apply hand cream to keep the hands warm and soft. The cream will protect the hands from the harshness of the winter season and at the same time help the skin retain the softness.

Taking the right care of the lips

In winter the lips tend to be cracked and painful. This is the time when the lip feels so dry and you should take the best of care to make the lips feel so soft and smooth. Cracked lips cause irritation at the time of kissing. It will even hurt the lips of the kids if you are pressing them too hard. So make sure to take care of the lips in winter with the application of the correct lip balm. It is best that you select a lip balm with SPF. This will help the lips stay protected and soft.

Taking special care of the eyes in winter

It is important that you make the area surrounding the eye look healthy during the winter season. The skin under or around the eyes becomes coarse due to the dryness in winter. This is the time when the part of the skin needs that special attention. In winter you can even see more of those dark circles. This is the reason you have to select the right brands from the shelves in order to make the area around the eyes seem normal. For the reason you can make use of the eyes roll ons and in case the product seems expensive you can even use the cream on the cotton balls and apply the same underneath the eyes.

Taking care of the beard

In winter it is important that you look after the whiskers well. It is best if you keep the whiskers absolutely simple. First you can make use of a beard shampoo at the time when taking a shower. This will help the beard stay healthy and clean. After you have washed the beard it is time that you apply the beard oil and this helps in reducing or controlling dandruff in this part of the body. The il will also help to moisturise the skin and the hairs rightly.

Using sunscreen in winter

In winter your skin is in need of extra protection. In fact, this is the time when the skin is in need of double protection. You need to protect the skin from the strong rays of the sun and even from the harshness of the cold winds. This is the time you should make use of a sunscreen lotion before you move out into the sun. This will help in providing the right skin care during the winter season.

Eating rightly in winter

It is equally important to have the perfect diet during the winter season. This is the season when you can eat lots of fresh vegetables. You can even tae to fruits and meats in the right proportion. This helps in lessening the bacteria and to make the skin smoother it is vital that you drink plenty of water. Eating best will help the skin stay in the best of state. So make sure that you decide your diet in winter this time.

Selecting the right products in winter

You can use the range of skin care products in winter. However, it is important that you check with the quality of the brands that you are using. You can read the label and go through the list of components which the lotion consists. These should be skin nourishing stuffs. Make sure that male and female products are different when it comes to taking the right care of the skin in winter. In case you are allergic to certain chemicals then make sure to select the products cautiously in order to avoid maximum skin irritation.

Taking care of the skin at home in winter

One can even make use of home based masks and facials to make the skin stay extra soft during the winter months. Massaging the skin and the hair with oil is extremely required during the part of the year. An oil massage will help the skin stay so fresh and nourishing. You can feel the softness. Application of the same will help the skin get rid of the inter harshness. When making a solution for the skin it is best that you add the essential oils to make the same the best winter skin solution ever.

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