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Why man like elegant women better as his partner

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An age of 25-30 plays a key role in one’s life, because this is the age where people will get settled and start looking for a right partner and even correct choice for their complete life. Each and every one has their own style of living and tastes and even most of the aspects from one person to other will differ, coming to woman like girlfriend, life partner, everyone have their own ideas like their career.

A shopping phenomenon differs from one to other, for example one will go for a Brand, though it is rich, once will go for a rich, other will go for within his budget, finally whatever the context may be they will end with comfort.
So coming to life style also man will see plenty of things in woman then try to take or give a chance to be starting a life journey the complete life.

There are several reasons that why man will like and choose elegant woman, let’s go through them. Firstly man will see woman to be attractive so that he can introduce her officially to everyone. Man will choose elegant woman because “she should travel with him the whole life without any disturbances”. When a woman is attractive and everyone pays attention to her, in order to get an attractive life partner men choose elegant woman. Woman should be fair enough to deal the complete life though they don’t have attractive tone, because while aging changes occur and beauty, but charm wont goes, so man will choose person who is more charm.

You can take you girl and introduce to everyone if at all she is elegant and attractive. In order to thing about future scope like to give a good and graceful mother to your children, elegant woman is a right choice. Elegant woman plays a key role in men’s life because, since life is like ocean, men will survive with help of her in several aspects. Most of the elegant women are very wise and clever, so choosing them is a best choice for a food life and even for a successful one. Sometimes some women are so elegant and they are very sensitive which can help man to have a most understating nature and to get support from her in many problems.

So finally I want to – “Prettiness fades after a few years, but elegance only increases with age.”

People often tend to consider elegance and sophistication to be one and the same thing. But the two are entirely different from each other. In this modern generation most women wants to be seen by others as an elegant woman. But what actually is this elegance? The formal definition of being “elegant” is to be pleasingly ingenious, graceful, stylish in appearance, and have good manners. Many other features add to the definition of being elegant, but these are the basic qualities that a woman must possess in order to call herself elegant. Here are some tips for you.

The elegant posture

Good posture contributes to a good health and an elegant poise. It holds your body straight, helps you breathe better, reduces back pain, and prevents arthritis and abnormal bending of the spinal cord. A few decades ago, women spent a lot of money in learning how to walk in a proper manner and devoted a lot of time in posture lessons. A good posture provides a major contribution to elegant gesture and graceful movement. Your posture defines your appearance and confidence. It communicates more than you can verbally. A man prefers to date a woman having an elegant posture, so that she is presentable to the outside world. A good posture provides an added confidence and separates you from the rest of the lot. We all have seen girlfriends who have had their hearts broken and then we observe that they have stopped bothering about their makeup anymore. They let themselves go, stop caring about themselves anymore. We have even seen that due to losing a job or because of some financial debt or such other similar conditions, smart and confident people start resembling the beggars on the street. All these indicate a change in their posture which enables us to realize their mental as well as emotional state.

Manners and etiquette

The next most important characteristics to be taken in to consideration are the manners and etiquette that a woman should possess. The desire to be a well-mannered person and to improve is a nice thing. But the important thing to understand is why it is necessary to be a well-mannered person. Good manners always make a woman more attractive. She makes you feel at ease. Her manners are the greatest test of her elegance and refinement. Manners tell a lot about a person; they tell how you were brought up, the family background you come from, your level of education, the kind of social circle that you have etc. With good manners you can appear intelligent, caring and sophisticated even if your confidence level is low. A man always wants a woman who has good manners. It always makes the woman more beautiful. Being in the presence of a woman with good manners is always a special feeling. However manners and etiquette are not the same. Etiquette is an orderly way of doing things and the polite behavior in society or among a group. It is like a law but is not the law itself. Even a woman wearing pretty dress, poised and looking gorgeous, can fall far from elegance when she complains about everything. So, not only manners but a man looks for both good manners as well as etiquette in a woman.

Elegant living and lifestyle

According to my opinion, living a life of luxury does not always mean living an elegant life. It is one which is simple yet splattered with meaning, love, family and friends and a few selective passionate hobbies. In the long run, a man always tries to find a woman who is more conscious about her priorities in life. If a woman wants to take out more time for her family, she should search for a job with shorter duration or work from home. Similarly, if a woman wants to avoid a toxic relationship, she should always avoid spending time with that person and withdraw herself. It all boils down to one thought, i.e., careful selection. A woman with such an elegant living and lifestyle is preferred by all men.

Personal Grooming and dressing elegantly

The way you look and the way you dress ranks above all, in order to be considered the dream girl of your man. Someone once said, “The cornerstone of elegance must be represented by a bar of soap.” Probably, a bar of soap was that entire she had at that time. But today we have help from many beauty parlors, friends, magazines and even the internet. The lack of grooming will easily be identified and will ruin your elegant appearance. So, ensure that your clothes are properly ironed, your fingernails are not dirty, and there are no patches on your face and more. Only then will you be able to make your presence felt.

Certain recommendations

There is a wonderful saying by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux,

“To be elegant is first of all to know oneself, and to know oneself well requires a certain amount of reflection and intelligence.”

Women keep hearing over and over from men in various situations that guys want to date and have relationships with an elegant woman. When you take a look at most of the men’s dating profiles, you will see that practically all of them want to date a woman who has “elegance”. Indeed, being elegant is the ultimate compliment that a woman wants to hear.So, here are some general principles which can help you live an elegant lifestyle and be the woman a man would prefer to have as his partner:

  • Choose the best quality you can afford.
  • Keep your house clean and well decorated.
  • Do things that make you feel happy.
  • Don’t overload your schedule.
  • Prioritize your everyday work.
  • Choose your social circle wisely.
  • Keep your finances healthy.
  • Keep a check on your grooming and personal dressing.
  • Maintain good manners and etiquette.
  • Finally, you should be able to mix high and low fashions with ease.

Only by striking a balance among all these qualities you can consider yourself to be the perfect match for the man of your dreams.