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What women like / wants men – manly qualities attracts women

One of the biggest mystic that ever encounter in men is knowing what the women wants. Even though the scientists who had have discovered many instruments and theories to find out many hidden questions have failed in enlightening the screw of women’s list of wants. How ever men doesn’t need to loose their hopes, There are bright count of things most women like. From her big list here are the few things might she likes and perhaps they will help you to understand the women and to make the relation tight fixed.

He is my….

Every women wants a men who is always signing that she is under his protection. So show that you will be her savior in kind of case. Women really like the men who can flush out the conflicts in a smooth way. Make sure to use each and every situation that is demanding you to involve. In the very second they will feel like he is my hero.

Chocolates or flowers

Who will be that women don’t like the men who is surprising her. Whether they are waffered chocolates, love notes, ¬†flower bouquets or gifts, women love receiving the things in a surprising manner.

It’s one of the major thing

If you are looking forward for a long lasting relationship with her, never say her lies and don’t break the trust. Even you combat with small issues in the early stage, when she finds you are trustworthy your bonding won’t get any lumps.

Rotating eyeballs

Many women like the men who are having great body, whether the pack are 6 or more than that they will help to pack her looks. Go for a work out in regular basis and tone up your body to rotate the girls eyeballs towards yourself.

The taste is like…

Might you have tripped her to one of the finest restaurants, yet she don’t say no to your cooking while she is running with hunger. Offer her a simple breakfast or the instant noodles, That moment will become one of the cherished moments of her life.

That must suits you

Are you crazy to run back behind the trendy hair styles! well, rather than trying all the new fix your look with the stunning and good hair style that makes you charming.

That’s made for you

Dressing hits many points in the women point of view. Go and dress yourself with the latest and trendy collection that will turns her spell bound. If you can’t check the style spot, consult a stylist in what you look best and bet with your friends ‘you will be the ruler of her eye’.

Get the best

No one assure the things will happen similar to deodorant adds but the role of deo is good enough. While going with a date or party with a girl don’t experiment with new flavor, try the one that suits to perfect. When you pour the deo, it will be clubbed up with your body odor and afterwards smells out. So choose sharp.