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What Should You Wear on a First Date: 6 Simple Tips

Whatever your way of getting to a first date has been, it is sure to be special! You are going to feel a bit rusty and self-conscious, while she will also be feeling a little awkward. So it’s critical to dress in a way that makes her feel comfortable.

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1. Look sharp

Always wear what you look best in. Don’t wear a lavish tuxedo just because it’s the most expensive piece you have, but in which you look like a joker, or the torn t-shirt you think exposes your pecs nicely. Give her a break and dress like a normal person.

2. Dress according to the moment

If you’re taking her to the theater or the opera, wear a suit or a tuxedo, okay! But if you plan heading to the beach or the movies, or taking her bowling, or maybe the local bar or café suits the two of you just fine, do not go overboard with a suit. Wear dark jeans with a button up shirt preferably solid colors, a t-shirt or even a Henley. If it’s a casual dinner date, put on a jacket. Chinos are also doable, but avoid khakis.

3. Have some colors

It’s good to be safe gentlemen, but it is not good to be boring! Don’t bore her with dull colors, try out black, beige, gray, red, blue or anything that suits you. Never go black on black, though. Ensure that you are pairing them smartly and lending a contrast to your outfit!

4. Pay attention to your shoes

Do not wear flip-flops. Just memorize this line! Flip-flops will give out the message that you’re a couch-potato who didn’t even care to change his shoes for her. Wear loafers, classic boots or even a pair of good fashion sneakers (but not running shoes, please!).

5. Get the accessories out of the cupboard

It is of no use having an array of accessories and never taking them out on the road. Women notice and appreciate good watches, so get your best one out unless it’s outdated and ugly! Cool bracelets are also an addition but don’t go all bling and clumsy on your wrists.

6. Groom your loose ends

Imagine a scene where your style is rocking it, but your chest hair is peeking out of the shirt or t-shirt, and your fingernails look like the cousins of Sabretooth – you’ve successfully ruined all your efforts. Women will never forgive ungroomed men who don’t care about personal hygiene. So, make sure you trim all those loose ends, file your fingernails and look like a metrosexual man! Impress her Captain!