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what really drives men to cheat on their wives


Many people have in their mind this simple question. How can couple’s defend themselves from extra marital relationships? What are the signs that someone could get lost? Typical explanation could be men are built to multiply their seed. More marriages can be protected if we can ascertain unfaithfulness before it is too late. Unfaithfulness of betrayal is not always just sexual, it can be emotional too. Commonly it is said by men who have extra marital affairs, that they love their wife and the reason why they had betrayed her is just not because she is not enough.

Mostly women tend to be very nice to men during dating or love days; once they get married they take things for granted. But men always want to be pampered; they expect the same person whom they have met earlier. Always it is like women look prettier before marriage, after marriage they get involved in family forgetting to about themselves. But not only their appearance matter, the way they deal with their spouse has also change as time passed. Some time woman keep nagging men may be too much of concern or interference can also cause infidelity. Mentioned below are four main reasons that can lead to extra marital affair.

  • Egoist type of men considers women to be a thing to meet their needs. They are not emotionally attached to their partner. The only thing they are concerned is about all the needs to be satisfied. Such a relationship is very hard to deal with.
  • It is said that most of the men get panicky about their sexual act and end up with erectile failure, then to avoid this they skip being with their wife and try to find pleasure outside. They get tensed about their sexual performance and then land up to make an extra marital affair. But that does not mean that all the men who are nervous or anxious cheat their wife. It is broadly thought so, but there is no proof that men who are anxious are betrayers.
  • The men who are extremely agreeable are mostly home economics, fostering and kind. They have their own space and do not grumble on any issues. Such types of men have their own secret time which they spend on porn movies or catch up with any sex workers. They do not bother to convince their wife or tell her what he wants. That may be because of fear of disapproval from her so they live a life of their own, as days pass by sex drive will fade away.
  • Dominance type of men are basically power oriented, they normally tend to show the powerful status, dominant and through sex would show off this sense of him.  For them actual sex isn’t an issue rather than communication. Such guys normally look out for a deprived, drug addicted, under aged or reasonably distressed female partner. Because they are not looking for love, these guys look out for susceptibility which helps them to exploit the other.

The best way to avoid infidelity is to have a good communication. Discuss about your sex life, honesty plays a great role and openly speak out about your disappointments. This will help to have a good marital relationship.