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What men wants from the women

Every men prepares a list of what they want from his partner, they expect their women to be understanding, compassionate, making him comfortable and happy. Here is the check list of men what they crave from women.

Women should have sense of humor

Sense of humor is not dedicated for only men, women also needs to have it for the healthy relationship. When there is no laughter in the life, the relation becomes old pretty and dull. Laughing with each others jokes and throwing the miseries outside will bring you new happiness in your life. So include the ingredient of sense of humor in your relationship dish.

She need to make her

She have to take care of herself as like the same way she is nurturing her partner and other relations in the house. Might she used to spent good amount of time in her looks and appearance in the early days of her after marriage but being in the work or home responsibilities shouldn’t have to turn her to loose her preferences. Men want their women to keep an eye on her appearance, most generally tuning to clean and organizing amidst being away from heavy maintenance.

Sharing the interests

In general a men expect women to share his interests, if not they want their partner to be open minded and enthusiastic with the things going. A guy admits important that their girl is having similar interests. While they are moving with the adventurous activities or watching their kind of interesting films they wold expect their girl to be with them. If its not your thing, just being curious about the work and hobbies their men doing will also encourages them and they will get satisfaction for being with all the way.

Surprises her men

Surprise, doesn’t mean to surprising all the way, it speaks about her spontaneous nature, decision making skills and adventurous nature. ¬†Few people just look for the uniqueness in her thoughts but don’t expect their actions in great, in such cases she need to show her what is she and to surprise with her suggestions, decisions and her actions.

Impresses him

Women may be heralded with the news that guys will turnoff when they find their girl is intelligent, but it is not correct. Guys expect their women to respect him at the same angle they want her to be intelligent. Men see the quality of her intelligence as one of the prime reason indeed they want their women to be more sharp then themselves.

Tell it straight

Most guys are straight forward, honest and sincere, they don’t want to juggle in the maze to get what she is thinking or telling about. ¬†Being in a straight way and telling her what she wants makes him to react fast other than wasting the time for unsual thinking.

Caring about him

When ever you ask a men about his desiring qualities of wife, most of the men reply with love and care, they want their partner should be compassionate enough to make him strong and happy in the life.