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What is testosterone therapy? When it is required for men?

what is testosterone therapy

Testosterone is a sex hormone produced in the testicles of men. It is the most important male hormone that is required to keep the muscles and bones strong and help in developing male sexual features. It also helps in the production of sperms and in maintaining sex drive. The testosterone level gradually drops with age.Low levels of testosterone leads to loss of sexual desire along with low sperm production and difficulty in erection. There is decrease in bone density and muscle size. The person may have sleeping problems, go into depression or lack concentration of the mind.

A hormone which is produced in the testicles of a male personality is known as testosterone. This hormone helps an individual in maintaining fat distribution, red blood cell production, fat distribution, sperm production, bone density etc. With age of every human being the level of testosterone declines. Treating this and boosting the testosterone level in any individual is known as testosterone therapy.

When is testosterone replacement therapy required?

Testosterone replacement therapy is required in a person when there not enough production of testosterone. It is usually given to persons suffering from low levels of testosterone which may lead to symptoms of lack of body hair and when the breasts increase in size. This disease is known as Hypogonadism which happens when the testes do not function properly or when the pituitary gland in the brain does not function normally.The hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain help in producing hormones that help in the production of testosterone. The therapy is started only after the confirmed diagnosis of the disease Hypogonadism.

Who should not take this treatment?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy should not be given to men suffering from prostate cancer, breast cancer, severe urinary tract problems and heart attacks.

When is the therapy required?

It is a controversial topic when people ask about when the testosterone therapy becomes necessary for individuals.  Debate about its clinical significance is carried on by individuals for years.  According to the experts in American society of Andrology, testosterone therapy in men will be essential when both signs and symptoms of testosterone reduction reflect androgen deficiency in an individual. Repeated decrease in the testosterone level in an individual will be ideal for the therapy.

According to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, a condition in a male personality when the free testosterone level which is almost below the lower limit of a young or an adult controls the subject, it is termed as hypogonadism.  There was a time when people used to accept this condition by age as a normal procedure. But today with improvement in medical science, it is no more termed as normal.

Testosterone replacement therapy is a treatment to add extra sex hormone known as testosterone in the male body. The main aim of this therapy is to increase the levels of testosterone to normal level. The different ways to replace testosterone in the body include —

  • The therapy is given by intramuscular injections given every two weeks.
  • It is also conducted by applying gel on the skin or inside the nose.
  • A mucoadhesive material I can also be applied above the teeth two times a day.
  • There is a testosterone stick that is applied like a deodorant under the arms.
  • Implants are placed underneath the skin. The effect of these implants last for 4 to 6 months

Side effects of testosterone replacement therapy

The therapy is mostly safe but there are certain side effects which include mild fluid retention, risk of prostate cancer, heart attack and stroke and breast enlargement. Testosterone Replacement Therapyin most cases is to be taken for the rest of the life.

Consideration of Hypogonadal

There are disagreements among people with regards to the threshold of testosterone value under which a man will be termed as Hypogonadal. You may also be prepared for the adverse effect of testosterone supplement. Some people can get acne if their skin is oily. You must consult with a doctor before going ahead with the therapy. Sometime while going ahead with the therapy, people can also get the detection of prostate cancer. The testosterone therapy can give rise to the side effects such as hair loss.

Appropriate time for testosterone

You need to check with your doctor regularly with regards to your testosterone level. If your testosterone level is not in a normal range, you need to go ahead with the therapy. First of all you can try to solve the problem with some exercise and simple drug as suggested by your physician. Even the proper diet can help in increasing the testosterone level in an individual. But, if all exercise, diet and other process fails, you need to adopt the testosterone therapy.

If you can find the testosterone level is deficient for a long time, you must go ahead with the therapy. You can also use the tropical gel which can be applied in the areas like legs, arms and abdomen. Patience will be an important part in this regard. This therapy can take weeks and even years to get back the testosterone level in proper position.  But, after few days, you will easily feel the difference yourself. Within few weeks you can get you testosterone level back in proper stage. The side effects of the therapy are rare. The minute side effects can be eradicated in some days and weeks with your proven physical health.

Best Reasons For Testosterone Therapy And Time Taken To Show Results

Many people ask if testosterone therapy is required or not. It is totally dependent on the physical condition of the person. Given below are few important reasons why testosterone therapy is required for men:

Increase in muscles

One of the main reasons why there is a need for more testosterone is because it helps in reducing the fat content in the body. Additionally, it would also increase your muscles and you will have a cutting figure in no time. The therapy would be great to increase energy and control your weight as well. It has been tried and tested by many and everyone has had positive results. A recent study has proved that people who are over 65 years of age have successfully undergone the testosterone therapy and has got a leaner body mass and are now more energetic than before. So, you can understand how effective this treatment is and it will be so much helpful for you.

A healthy body

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy and not suffer from any kind of disease. A great way to stay healthy is if you have enough amount of testosterone in your body. When you have a healthy heart it pumps blood to all your body parts properly. This will help provide more muscles and also keep the body fit. In fact, when there is enough testosterone, the chances of cardiovascular risks would also decrease. Moreover, people who have blood pressure issues or chest pain or even angina would benefit a lot from testosterone therapy. If your heart does not get a lot of blood you may face all the above problems. That is why many doctors suggest this therapy because it causes the count of the red blood cells in your body. It is also a great way to treat people who are suffering from anemia.

Sturdy body

Apart from having bigger muscles, you will also get stronger bones once you have a lot of testosterone in your body. As soon as you have strong bones, you will notice that it is supporting your internal organs and also your muscles. Many people have also undergone this treatment to increase their athletic performance. With age, the testosterone level in your body starts to drop and also your bone density. Testosterone therapy can work wonders if you are looking to stay fit and healthy for the rest of your life. You will not only have stronger bones, but also be more energetic.

Improved libido

Are you not satisfied with your sex life? It may happen that due to low testosterone levels you are not being able to enjoy having sex with your partner. Testosterone therapy can come to your rescue. Many studies have shown that this therapy has had positive effects on the sexual performance and drive of a man. Surprisingly, testosterone is also effective for women as well. However, this treatment is only meant for men and not for women and that is the main reason why doctors do not suggest this therapy for women.

Better mood

It has often been observed that people with low testosterone tend to be in a bad mood all the time. They are more anxious and tensed and remain depressed. This is something that may hamper their personal and professional life. Testosterone therapy can help improve your mood to a great extent. When you have a better sex life, big muscles and a lean body, you will not be depressed at all. On top of everything else, you will be more energetic.

Expected results

Testosterone therapy is nothing magical that it would solve your problems in a jiffy. It will take some time for the treatment to show what it actually does to your body, but you need to have some patience. It would be absurd to think that you will get an overnight solution to your testosterone problems. Generally, the results of testosterone therapy would start showing after 4-6 weeks. Once you start feeling the effects of the therapy, you would start feeling a lot better than before. It is often tricky to treat low testosterone problems, and this therapy should only be done by someone who is highly experienced. Consult with the doctor about all the risks that may be taken into consideration. Also, make sure that he tells you about all the precautions that need to be taken before the therapy.