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What is premature ejaculation? How to stop it?


Men and women should enjoy a healthy sexual life after marriage. But premature ejaculation can affect their relationship in the long run. This is a condition in some male when even after little bit of erection in penis, they expel their sperm. This is the condition when the man cannot hold the peak of his sexual pleasure for a long time which gives rise to very less time of having sex among the two partners. This is a serious problem faced by men below 40 years of age. This needs to be treated immediately in order to stay healthy and get hold of a wonderful physical as well as emotional bond with your partner.

A physical state in most men who experiences orgasm and expels semen even with little penile stimulation is known as premature ejaculation. Other terms for this physical condition include early ejaculation, rapid climax, ejaculation praecox etc. According to the experts at the international society of sexual medicine, premature ejaculation always occurs either in one minute or even prior to it with very little penile stimulation. The experts also keep in mind about the cut-off of 15 seconds from the starting phase of every sexual intercourse.

How to stop premature ejaculation?

Men suffering from premature ejaculation have a feeling that, they have very less control over the activity of ejaculation. Today, there are many types of treatment procedures through which this problem can be solved. There are good combinations of medical as well as non medical treatments that can help each individual in sorting out the problem of early ejaculation. Some of the treatment procedures are as follows:

Self treatment

It is now possible to treat this sexual dysfunction with self treatment. Trying to distract them is an important way of treating premature ejaculation. They must divert themselves from sexual stimulating activity. Another way of treating this physical condition is thrusting slowly during the intercourse. Some men tries ejaculating just before the sexual intercourse and using more condoms. According to some men, this self treatment were helpful

Sex therapy

Another important way of treating premature ejaculation is through sex therapy. You can now find many sex therapists who initiate several techniques to overcome this physical condition. Some of the techniques are squeeze technique, start stop technique etc.  For many men, squeeze techniques works well but many couples found it cumbersome. In comparison to that, stop- start technique is more effective.

Stop- start technique is an effective technique for premature ejaculation that helps every man to maintain an ejaculatory control. These techniques also include the activities like masturbation exercise, whole body massage and deep breathing. According to the sex therapists, if it is a refined long lasting program, the control over ejaculation will be effective on around 90 percent of men.


If you are suffering from premature ejaculation, it is good to use the drugs that increase serotonin signaling to the brain. Naturally, the brain works effectively to treat this condition in a man. You can now get selective serotonin re uptake inhibitors available in the market in the name of clomipramine, sertraline, paroxitine, fluoxetine etc. As soon as you start the medication in the first week, delay in ejaculating will be viewed. As soon as you step in next week of the treatment, delay in ejaculatory will be around 6 – 20 times more than the previous week. There are many men who have reported satisfaction in sexual activity after going through this medication procedure.

You must speak to your doctor today to get proper prescription and medical treatment. These medications are also effective in other sexual dysfunction such as difficulty in erection, low libido etc. Some people takes months to overcome and others stretches the treatment till a year.

Squeeze method

This is the method when you have to give a squeezing attempt below the base of your penis and then start the process once again. When you are at the peak of the orgasm, hold the base such that the fluid does not fall out. Repeated the procedure so that, you can go ahead with the sex for an elongated term without premature ejaculation. This process can be done either by yourself or your partner.

Condoms with Benzocaine

If you are using condoms with Benzocaine, this will easily help you retain the pleasure and postpone the climax by around 5 minutes.  Since the condom has benzocaine at its tip, this will help in acting as an anesthesia though very mild. You can easily get a numbing effect at the tip which will easily reduce the sexual sensation over your body. This will also decrease the sexual response of the individual for a long time. But, this won’t be forever, rather he can easily enjoy the sexual pleasure with no second thought.

Tantric techniques

Having sex is not just for having a baby, rather you can explore the activity and get much more pleasure. Different poses can be easily enjoyed with your partner. This is the situation when you are going to establish an intimate connection but will again go back to get the same pleasure. Ceasing of stimulation is also an important consideration when the stimulation takes place within the process.  This is the process when the energy is prevented to rise too much. This is really essential as the male partner can realize the sexual warmth and a rise in energy. You can also repeat this process to get benefit.

Best Sex Positions To Avoid Premature Ejaculation

Before knowing the best positions to avoid premature ejaculation, it is important to know the common mistakes that people do while having sex and also the positions that should be strictly avoided.

Breathing mistake

This may seem to be irrelevant, but it plays a big part in controlling ejaculation. Most people do not focus on their breathing technique in their daily and that can hamper their sex life to a great extent. The way you breathe before, while having and after sex is something vital. It will decide the time you spend enjoying in bed. If you have the habit of breathing short shallow breaths, chances are that you would ejaculate much earlier. However, if you can hold your breath for long and use that technique while having sex, it will come to your rescue and the sex will be longer and much more enjoyable. Try the 10-1-10 technique while having sex. In this technique, you have to breathe in through your belly for 10 seconds, hold the breath for 1 second and then breathe out by flattening your belly for 10 seconds. It is very effective to improve the oxygen flow in your blood and would also calm your body and nerves down. You will notice a significant improvement in your ejaculation timing once you practice this technique for a few days.

Positions to avoid

Many people are not aware of the positions they should avoid to stop premature ejaculation. The missionary position is one that you should totally avoid. It may be the most intimate position, but it would make you ejaculate quickly. This should always be the climax position when you are done with all the other positions and are about to cum. Another position that you should strictly avoid is the rear entry. One of the main reasons why it is suggested to avoid these positions is because your penis easily penetrates your partner’s vagina and the pleasure that follows makes you ejaculate quickly. So, avoid these two positions just when you have begun.

Positions to follow

There are two positions that you should follow in order to avoid premature ejaculation and have prolonged sex with your partner. The first position that you can try is the “sitting position”. It is a very intimate way of having sex and also prevents premature ejaculation. In this position you will have to sit on the edge of the bed and keep your legs off the bed. Your feet have to be on the floor. Your partner on the other hand, should wrap your legs around your waist and her arms around your neck. You will have to insert your penis in her vagina while embracing each other. This position is more about intimacy rather than all the thrusting. Her G-spot will be pressed and it would be very effective because hitting this spot gives instant orgasm to any woman. Another reason to try this position is because her clitoris will be stimulated while you penetrate and the light thrust will be very pleasurable for both of you. Moreover, you will also be able to kiss her because you will be face to face. Since this position does not focus on thrusting, it will hold back your cum and there will not be any ejaculation for a long time.

Woman on top

This is perhaps one of the most preferred positions both by men and by women. Not only is it intimate, but it can make your sex prolonged. In this position the main focus is the woman on top. You have to lie down on your back and let her be in control of the situation. She will be the one to thrust and not you. Moreover, you will be able to see her face and breasts and the whole thing will be so much more enjoyable. You can easily pull her down, embrace and kiss her while she is on to your penis. This position is also best for her clitoral stimulation and getting her G-spot.

Premature ejaculation can be really frustrating for many. It reduces the overall enjoyment for having sex and many people go into depression because of this. However, following the positions given above will surely help. Try them and see the changes yourself.