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What is hormonal imbalance? Causes and symptoms

Hormonal imbalance is a seemingly disorder in women. When there is hormonal imbalance you tend to feel so emotional and frustrated. You just don’t know why but you can feel the stress. You may know that things are happening due to hormonal imbalance. In fact, hormone has the perfect role to play in making the woman feel and react in the imperfect way. When there is hormonal fluctuation it can at best affect the sexual desire and the mood of the person. It can even affect the ovulation and fertility in women. Now, you can understand that why hormonal imbalance has the best role to play in making women less or imperfectly fertile.

What is hormonal imbalance?

The increase or decrease of the hormones in a body is termed as hormonal imbalance. The various hormones present in our body when tends to discharge low or high quantities it leads to the imbalance. This imbalance can be seen in both men and women at various ages of their life. Some might get the hormonal problems since their birth and few develop as they age. The common causes of the imbalance of the hormones are given below.

Causes for hormonal imbalance

There are various factors for the disruption of the normal hormone levels in the body. Some of the common causes include

  • Eating disorder
  • Following poor diet and nutrition
  • Adrenal exhaustion
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Heavy intake of alcohols and smoking cigarette
  • Obesity
  • Some conditions like turner’s syndrome
  • Problems in the glands
  • Ovulation disorders
  • Lack of exercise
  • Sleeping problems or insomnia

Symptoms of hormonal imbalances

Symptoms associated with the hormonal imbalance includes the following

  •  The reduction of fat in your belly and the loss of muscles is a sign of the hormonal imbalance.
  • Due to the hormonal imbalance, a person may put on body weight which is abnormal. He feels like having more than the usual amount of food and beverages. The common causes of craving and excess eating leads to the adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance and few other hormonal imbalances. Practicing a regular exercise and diet help this problem. Limit the intake of foods like sugars, high fat dairy products, wheat and alcohol majorly, which directly help your over eating and digestion problems. Even though the problem exists, your hormonal levels needed to be checked.
  • If you are suffering with the facial hair, hypertension and hot flashes problem, then check for your estrogen levels.
  • Low libido is a sign of the hormonal problem.
  • The person with high progesterone might face the problems like fatigue, breast tenderness, reduced menstruation, dizziness, bloatedness and so on.
  • Fatigue is a general hormonal disorder which comes from the mid morning on wards.
  • A person with the good run of hormones signs with happy mood and good health, but when he is having some hormonal problem he might be subjected to anxiety, depression, irritability and some other problems.
  • Bloating, low digestion and gas are some of the problems due to hormonal imbalance. Intendedly they don’t occur due to hormones problem but might happen due to because of bad eating habits, improper chewing of food etc. Body starves due to the poor nutrients extraction.
  • Many women face the problem of night sweat and hot flashes as uncomfortable symptoms. Try dropping your thoughts which are striking you mind inorder to get relief from the hot flashes, as our emotions leads for the raise of internal temperature.
  • Insomnia and other sleeping disorders are the major culprits behind the physical stress and increased cortisol levels, which directly cause many hormonal imbalance problems.

There are several reasons which can cause hormonal imbalance. Hormonal problems are so common in life. Remember, you are not the only person suffering from the disorder. When you have menopause you have the tendency of having hormonal imbalance. The same can happen during the time of menstrual cycle and pregnancy. There can be hormonal imbalance if you are taking contraceptive pills and there are more of lifestyle factors contributing in the disorder. If you are not sleeping properly, you can have hormonal imbalance. Poor diet and stress can lead to the same. If you are not exercising regularly you are sure to suffer from hormonal imbalance. Thyroid and diabetes issues can even lead to the same.

Acnes Occurring due to Hormonal imbalance

You have some of the main symptoms and signs of the disorder. Having persistent acne is a sign that you are having hormonal imbalance. The acnes can be seen before or after the period. This happens due to the hormonal shifts. It may be so that you are suffering from deep cystic acnes. You have the testosterone and this helps in stimulating the excess and the additional production of the sebum. The oil can get easily trapped under the skin and this mingles well with the acne causing bacteria and even with the dead skin cells. This way the pores of the skin can get clogged easily and there can be lots of blemishes and pimples. If the testosterone level is high in women the breakout of acne can be really worse. In order to get rid of the same you can take to all the herbs and natural solutions for treatment.

Sleeping Disorders Happen due to Hormonal Imbalance

When you have hormonal imbalance you cannot sleep properly. It becomes difficult for you to sleep before having the period. This happens due to the sharp drop in the level of hormone progesterone just before the menstruation takes place. There is a drop in the progesterone level after the woman gives birth. This is the time you start blaming the little one of not being able to sleep properly. Progesterone has all the relaxing factors and this is the reason when the level drops you are sure to have the sort of sleeping disorder. To get rid of the condition you can select from one of the several natural approaches and you can even take to the best foods to improve sleep.

You Feel Constantly Hungry Due to Hormonal Imbalance

You suffer from constant hunger and this is a sign that you have hormonal imbalance. When you don’t have enough sleep you tend to feel hungry. This is natural. This is the time the hormone ghrelin will cause stimulation of the appetite and there are the hormones like the oxyntomodulin and leptin which can cause suppression of the same. This is the reason you will find that people who are not getting the right sleep tend to be overweight. In fact, people who sleep well has the right body weight compared to those who suffer from insomnia.

Hormonal Imbalance Causing Brain Fogging

When you have hormonal imbalance you tend to forget things. You cannot make the best use of the memory at the time. You forget taking your purse before going out of the house and you forget the place where you are to meet your friend. Due to hormonal imbalance you tend to suffer from high level of stress and the stress hormone cortisol is produced at random. The hormone can affect the memory and it will also affect the ability to learn and grasp things with the perfect intellect.

Hormonal Imbalance Makes You Feel Tired

When you have hormonal imbalance you tend to feel constantly fatigued. You cannot do things properly for you have that feeling of tiredness all the time. When you are tired you suffer from the sort of hormone and this is known as hypothyroidism. You even tend to gain in weight and you can’t lose the same even through diet and exercising. The thyroid hormone will control the rate of body metabolism and once the level of hormones become low there is slowing down of the entire system and you have slow heart rate and mental functioning. The digestion level is also affected in the process. This is the reason when you have hypothyroidism you feel constipated, mentally foggy and even exhausted. You have lots of people suffering from similar condition.

The Stress Hormone Affecting You Differently

The stress hormone is sure to affect and disturb you in so many different ways. Stress can lead to tension and make you feel so irritated. Thus you tend to suffer from the sort of headache. Again, the same stress hormone will help you feel so hungry that you will sit on the sofa eating loads of chips. You can even have stress inside the stomach. At times when you get up in the morning you have stomach irritation. This is due to low production of the cortisol hormone. This may even happen due to the imperfect level of serotonin. In fact, it is important that you consult a physician in this case and he will tell you the best things to do in order to step out of stress and get rid of the stomach irritation. It is just that you have to find out the right way of staying unaffected.