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Is hair transplantation safe for men? Truths about transplantation

Is hair transplantation safe for men? Truths about transplantation

Hair loss is a common problem in today’s world. Hair loss can be caused by a large number of reasons ranging from stress to pollution to health problems. No matter what the problem might be, you can find ways of tackling hair loss. You can alter conditions or take better care of your hair to ensure that you do not end up bald. But at times no matter what measure you take you might end up with a bald spot. The bald spot can be a big problem for you. Once you have a bald spot re-growth of hair might not be possible. Many men today are resorting to hair transplant to cover up bald spots. The procedure has gained popularity and it can be done in many hospitals and clinics around the world. But the safety of the procedure has always been in question.

Growth of newly transplanted hair

If you have transplanted your hair newly, do not expect that it will grow long instantly. It will take time and create a growth of your hair gradually. Since the change is gradual, you can see the improvement in the next 12 months.  You must consult with a hair expert and find out whether you need to go ahead with hair transplantation.

Celebrity try

Many celebrities have already tried ways of hair transplantation. You can now avail the same treatment procedure if you really wish to look attractive like your celebrities. Since they have to wear caps and other artificial things constantly over their head for the sake of their profession, it is really important for them to have a precaution beforehand.

Side effects

The procedure might be deemed as safe but there are a considerably large number of side effects of hair transplant. If you do not get the procedure done from a safe place then the procedure might take an unsavory turn. Here are a few side effects that should make you think twice before getting the procedure:

  • Pain is the most obvious side effect of any kind of medical procedure. Since it involves cuts and stitches the pain is sure to be there. The amount of pain felt post procedure varies from person to person. Some people report excruciating pain post procedure, but this happens only if the procedure has gone wrong. Though pain can be felt it should not be permanent or excruciating. But if the procedure has gone wrong then you might be in a lot of pain.
  • Pain can be accompanied by itching. If the scalp is not taken care of after the procedure then the scalp might have irritable itching.
  • The area which has received the transplant can be numb for some time. Again the numbness might just be temporary. If it does not go away then the procedure might have gone wrong.
  • If the doctor has applied too much pressure on your scalp while performing the procedure then you might have some bleeding. In such a case the bleeding should stop but the hair growth might not be affected.
  • Swelling can be a painful and can have severe consequences. The swelling can spread to the forehead and eyes. If such swelling is noticed on the scalp one should get checked immediately.
  • Damage caused to the hair follicle in a botched procedure might result in cysts. The cysts might not be cancerous but cysts are always a sign of danger.

Is transplant safe?

There are many more side effects that can make you regret your decision of getting hair transplant. But if you are eager to have a full head of hair then you can opt for the procedure. Most of the side effects are temporary and curable. You might not have most of the side effects as well. You might choose to be cautious by opting for the best doctors. But the procedure over all is safe.