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What are the signs of balding for men – Reasons of balding for men

Are you going to get bald - What are the signs of balding for men

We all need to take good care of our skin and hair due to the polluted environment that we live in today. The food we eat, the water we bathe in and the air we breathe are not pristine as it used to be. Hair loss is a common factor today. Hair loss in men is more common than in women, this might be due to the amount of care that women tend to dedicate for their hair. But hair loss is not a sudden change. The change is a gradual one. You need to notice the signs so that you can take precautions to prevent further hair loss.  There are many signs that you can look for to know if your hair loss is alarming or regular.

Common signs of balding

Visible hair in washing bowl

While washing your hair if you can see enough hair in the washing bowl, it means that you are going  to get bald very soon.  This is quite common if the weather condition is not favorable or else you have come to a place away from your home. But if this continues even if everything is in order, you have a serious problem of getting bald head in future.

Thinning over the crown

Crown portion of the head is the place where hair grows thick and vigorously. If you see repeated thinning of your hair in the crown portion of the head, this would mean that your hair is going to get bald very soon. You can either touch your hair and feel the thickness or see it through a small mirror against a big mirror.

Signs to look for

Hair loss thankfully is not a sudden change. You cannot wake up and find yourself bald, but you will find yourself balding. When you notice that you are balding you can take precautions. But today the pollution and hair products cause hair loss that is not alarming or that can lead to balding. To be able to know the difference between the two kinds of hair loss you need to keep your eyes open for a sign.

  • One of the biggest sign can be your age. With age hair starts thinning. If you are young (in age not just at heart) and are noticing excessive hair loss then you might not be balding. You might need to take care of your lifestyle instead of just your hair. But if you are above the age of 35 then your hair loss might lead balding. So, your age is the biggest sign that you need to take into consideration while evaluating the severity of your hair loss.
  • Genetics plays an important role when it comes to balding. If the men in your family show balding with age then you are likely to go through the same. Genetic balding can be hard to combat and the only way you can compensate is by getting hair transplant. So, you need to look up your family tree to know if you are likely to go bald.
  • Look for patterns in which you are losing your hair. If you are shedding hair in random pattern then it is likely regular hair loss. But if you see that hair loss is occurring in patches or in regular circles then you should get yourself checked for Alopecia areata, which is a disorder of the immune system. This can cause bald patches and if it is not checked it can spread.
  • Sudden increase in hair loss can be a side effect of drugs or can be a sign of any health problem. If you are diagnosed with cancer, heart problems and high blood pressure then you might end up balding. At the same time some drugs can immediately cause hair loss. So, if you notice an increase in hair loss and it is along with other health issues then you might be balding.