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What are the reasons for men to cheat

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Many people have in their mind this simple question. How can couple’s defend themselves from extra marital relationships? What are the signs that someone could get lost? Typical explanation could be men are built to multiply their seed. More marriages can be protected if we can ascertain unfaithfulness before it is too late. Unfaithfulness of betrayal is not always just sexual, it can be emotional too. Commonly it is said by men who have extra marital affairs, that they love their wife and the reason why they had betrayed her is just not because she is not enough. Mostly women tend to be very nice to men during dating or love days; once they get married they take things for granted. But men always want to be pampered; they expect the same person whom they have met earlier. Always it is like women look prettier before marriage, after marriage they get involved in family forgetting to about themselves. But not only their appearance matter, the way they deal with their spouse has also change as time passed. Some time woman keep nagging men may be too much of concern or interference can also cause infidelity. Mentioned below are four main reasons that can lead to extra marital affair.

  1. Egoist type of men considers women to be a thing to meet their needs. They are not emotionally attached to their partner. The only thing they are concerned is about all the needs to be satisfied. Such a relationship is very hard to deal with.
  2. It is said that most of the men get panicky about their sexual act and end up with erectile failure, then to avoid this they skip being with their wife and try to find pleasure outside. They get tensed about their sexual performance and then land up to make an extra marital affair. But that does not mean that all the men who are nervous or anxious cheat their wife. It is broadly thought so, but there is no proof that men who are anxious are betrayers.
  3. The men who are extremely agreeable are mostly home economics, fostering and kind. They have their own space and do not grumble on any issues. Such types of men have their own secret time which they spend on porn movies or catch up with any sex workers. They do not bother to convince their wife or tell her what he wants. That may be because of fear of disapprovals from her so they live a life of their own, as days pass by sex drive will fade away.
  4. Dominance type of men are basically power oriented, they normally tend to show the powerful status, dominant and through sex would show off this sense of him.  For them actual sex isn’t an issue rather than communication. Such guys normally look out for a deprived, drug addicted, under aged or reasonably distressed female partner. Because they are not looking for love, these guys look out for susceptibility which helps them to exploit the other.

The best way to avoid infidelity is to have a good communication. Discuss about your sex life, honesty plays a great role and openly speak out about your disappointments. This will help to have a good marital relationship.

The phrase “men will be men” will not change unless men actually change. A lot has been said that men cheat on their partners and this been successfully proved over and over again. It is like a mental block for those men that they are not satisfied with the partner they have. They feel like an impulse to be with another woman and no matter how many women they meet, the level of satisfaction never ceases. Experienced psychologists believe that men have a certain kind of belief that they would feel happier when they are with another woman apart from their partner. In fact, they have cited several reasons for men cheating on women. Here are some of those reasons given below.

  • Sexual experiment

Many men think that sex comes as a free gift with marriage. Once you get married to someone, you will be able to have sex any time you want. But, your wife may not think that way. If you ask her to have sex with you during the days when she is having her periods, which would be totally inappropriate. Once she denies, men start to think that she is betraying his husband and the number of times she betrays, the level of anger increases. This leads to finding women who would be ready to have sex and that would mean an extra marital affair. In addition to this, many men become tired of having sex with the same woman and feel there should be a change of women in their life they can have sex with. With time, it becomes like an experiment of finding women just to have sex and not share the emotional part of being together.

  • Marital disturbance

Every marriage life has some kind of fight and quarrel between the husband and wife. That does not mean the husband will have to show his anger by cheating on his wife. Would you like if the same thing happened with you? You find out that after a bug fight, your wife is cheating on you and pretending she has forgiven you at home. That would be catastrophic for your marriage and it can lead to difference in opinion and finally divorce. Men have always been the dominant partner in a marriage and that makes them think that they can do whatever they want. If he is disturbed for a long time with his wife, he will look to find a woman who will not quarrel and would always be good to him. What he does not realize is, he also had the same type of starting with his current partner. Being in a relationship will have some difference in opinion. After all, both the man and woman will have their own set of ideas and beliefs.

  • Extra marital affair

Men get inspired in all the wrong ways they can. When they see someone else having an extra marital affair, they also want to follow suit. There are men who may have seen their parents have extra marital affairs when they were young. This led them to believe that cheating is okay and they have done the same thing with their wife. Deep down, every man knows that having an extra marital affair is wrong, but they cannot resist their instinct. When you are in your early twenties, you may have gone out with multiple girls. This is likely to stay in your subconscious even after getting married and you end up cheating on your wife by having an extra marital affair with another woman.

  • Bored with marriage

This is probably the most common reason why men cheat on woman. After being with the same woman for five or six years, they tend to get bored. There are statements of men where they have said that they are tired of living with the same women for so many years and it is nice to have someone else for a change. However, they cannot leave their partner because they have to go through the grueling process of filing for divorce and most importantly, they have passed the age to marry again. Moreover, they would not want to set a bad example as a father to their child. All these reasons pile up to cheating on their wife. But, the real question is, would be able to stand your wife if you find out that she is doing such things with you when you are clean as a husband?

  • Emotional detachment

A high percentage of Indian marriages are arranged by the parents of the bride and groom. It often leads to difference in opinion at the starting of their married days and once the marriage starts on a wrong foot, it remains the same way in the years to come. This keeps the man emotionally detached from their wife. He does not want to share his feelings with her and vice versa. In such a situation, men tend to find a vent to relieve their emotional burden. One thing leads to another and they start cheating their wife just to share his emotional feelings with another woman. The tug of war between having to live their present partner and wanting to share the emotional feelings with another woman is the prime reason why men tend to cheat in this case.

  • Thinking of divorce

When you are thinking of something for a long time, you often believe in that thing and want to do that thing. Same is the case for divorce. Men divorce their wife after he has been unhappy with his marriage for a long time. More so, because he has already cheated his wife for quite some time and wants to break free from the bond of marriage. Marriage becomes a burden to them and they just want to get rid of that burden. Divorce after separation is the only way out and men always seek for the easy option. Although, divorcing your wife may become a costly affair, but at that moment you are in a trance of eternal happiness once the divorce is done and dusted with.