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Foods that you should not eat in summer

Foods that you should not eat in summer

The summer heat can be excruciating. You need to take a number of steps to endure that you survive the summer without much discomfort. When it comes to summer body care, nothing must be regulated more than your diet. If you regulate your diet then you cans stay quite fit though out summer. If you do not maintain a proper diet then you might be causing a lot of discomfort to your body. There are many food items that you can take to make your body feel better. At the same time there is a number of food products that can cause more harm than good when had during summer. Here are a few kinds of foods that are best avoided during hot and uncomfortable summer.

Fried junk food

It is no surprise that junk food is on the top of every “do not eat” list. But instead of fitness reasons junk food should be avoided since they can lead to food poisoning in the summer. The fried food also contains a lot of oil that can make your skin oilier and interfere with digestion. Your body has a more difficult time trying to break down junk food in summer. Thus it is a good idea to avoid fried food during summers.


Junk food might not be a surprise but a diet that says that having meat is wrong must be incorrect. The fact is that meat can offer your body protein but in summer your body has a very hard time trying to assimilate the protein. Sea food is the most common source of food poisoning in summers, so sea food is best avoided. Red meat is known to increase body temperature after consumption.  Thus having red meat is not a bright idea if you are planning a summer diet.

Dairy products

A cold glass of milk might seem reliving during summer. But once the cold dissipates the milk starts to heat up your body. Butter and cheese seem to have similar effects on the body. Dairy products go down your throat and into your belly to turn your body into a furnace. The heat generated by the dairy product is not like that of spices. You might not sweat profusely but the heat targets your stomach and can cause stomach problems in the long run.


There are many seasonal fruits that people look forward to every year. Mango is one such fruit. Even if you have waited a whole year to taste your favorite mango, do not over do it. One mango every now and then can be a good palate cleanser but having more than a couple of mangoes at a go can upset your stomach. It can lead to lose motion and can heat up your tummy to make you feel quite unwell.

Spicy fare

When you plan a meal during summer always try to use as less amount of spices as possible. The more spices you use the more difficult it gets for your tummy to digest it. Light fresh food can be the best during summers. If you want to try spicy food limit it to a few occasions, do not have spicy food regularly in summer.


Avoiding Chapattiis better in summer. Chapattiwhich is commonly called as Roti is known to be a common food across countries. However, one should remember that there are several ways in which it becomes difficult to digest. Roti made up of wheat flour generates a certain amount of heat which makes the digestion process difficult. You can instead switch over to rice which is better than Roti in summer.

Ice Creams

You may be surprised to notice that ice creams are heating agents instead of its cooling nature. Many young men prefer to have ice creams and other dairy products in summer. It is also found that there are many cool drinks fans in summer. However, the truth is, these foods tend to heat the body instead of cooling them. Hence, it is better to avoid these kinds of foods.


It is better to say ‘No’ to cheesy sauces during summer. Since it has got higher calories of 360, it makes you feel sluggish. Instead of preferring cheesy sauces, you can go for natural fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes are also considered as good substitutes for sauces.

Now that we have got a handful of rejected food items for summer, let us also explore some of the best foods that are ideal for summer.

  • Corn which contains the two antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin helps in keeping you fresh and energetic in summer. These sweet corns are also well known for its anti-aging properties.
  • Tomatoes are considered as sunscreen for summer. Due to the presence of carotenoid in tomatoes and its reddish nature, it acts as a protective agent avoiding sun burns.
  • Watermelon – There is no doubt that watermelons are considered as best friends for many during summer. Water melon in any form is a good source of food intake for summer season.