You are currently viewing Is there any type of side effects caused by caffeine in men?

Is there any type of side effects caused by caffeine in men?

Is there any type of side effects caused by caffeine in men

There are several side effects and in fact bad effects cased due to the consumption of caffeine. This is the reason one should maintain a balance in the sort of consumption and not indulge in too much of caffeine intake throughout the day.

Investigation has been conducted where the stimulation with the caffeine on men has proved to be seven times higher in drink as compared to that in soda. Thus, the effect is quite higher in caffeine than that in soda water. According to July Kennel, a professor with PhD at Ohio State University, five people died in the particular area is due to consumption of caffeine in diet 1.6 times as a daily serving size. These are the people who have been consuming caffeine 1.6 times. They were also sensitive to the caffeine attack due to their young age.

Side effects of Caffeine in men

High blood pressure

If you consume a single cup of coffee, you won’t get a noticeable difference due to this. But, if you inflict high amount of caffeine in your energy drink, this will give rise to higher blood pressure problem. Such drink can be consumed once or twice. But, if you start consuming high amount of such drink on a regular basis, this will give rise to deadly diseases. Even in the college students, blood pressure will be elevated. It will not be a case of developing the heart disease if you have this disease in hereditary sequence. Caffeine can also be known as an essential impersonate adrenaline.

Instant onset diarrhea

This is known as a classic weird side effect for all those who have been consuming coffee for a long time. Caffeine also causes contraction in the large intestine. Stress should also be of blame with the active stress hormone penetrating inside your body. When both levels have its own elevation, powerful and quick contraction will be in air.

Increase in blood sugar

If you are having a risk of type 2 diabetes, you will become inactive as well as overweight. The onset of symptoms can also be hastened. Since caffeine is having the properties of antioxidants, body would use up more of the glucose metabolism. The blood pressure level as well as diabetes has increased with 8 percent. There will be risk of improvement in type 2 diabetes. The hormone is really essential to process the sugar effectively in the body.


Irritation can be caused by caffeine in the gastrointestinal system. If it is consumed in a large quantity, stomach can get irritated. The result can give rise to vomiting and nausea. Some men can also have diarrhea. Side effects are though very general, Caffeine though metabolized can also be excreted from the body.

Neurological problem

You can also come across variety of neurological problems. Since caffeine acts as a stimulant, activities in the central nervous system will be developed. There will be problem of muscle tremors when high dose of caffeine is provided to a male personality. The anxiety disorder is easily established in a person infected by the high dosage of caffeine. Men would take the shape of anxiety and popular panic attack. They can also give rise to depression with terrific physical condition with nerve problems.


Restlessness, sleep disorders, etc. are the side-effects of drinking caffeine in men. It has been reported that the caffeine disorders may also include depression. Some psychiatric side-effects include psychotic symptoms and some confusion. Caffeine could also cause incontinence in a person. Not only does that happen, but the person consuming caffeine also experiences nervousness, restlessness, face flushing, insomnia, increased urination, etc.

Early death

As per a study, the all-cause mortality of men, who drank 8 cups of coffee or more per day, increased by 21%. Even though overdose is rare, it can lead to symptoms that are adverse such as death, especially in those that are suffering from certain medical conditions.Caffeine causes forceful contractions of the heart. It is, therefore, unclear whether these will have any implications on the health of the individual consuming it.


When you consume caffeine on an empty stomach, it stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid. This could be a problem since it should be produced only while food is being digested. It leads to acidity and other related problems when taken in excess.


Caffeine can cause ulcers in a person, who takes it in. This happens when the inner lining of the small intestine is irritated. If you do not drink water before consuming caffeine, it aggravates the acidity and the ulcers.

Caffeine is related to Gout Attacks

Caffeine is interlinked to gout attacks. Several studies have revealed that people who have the habit of consuming caffeine have greater risks of gout flare up. It may be so that you don’t have caffeine each but too much intake of the same in one day can really cause the harm. Thus, it is required to have control in your method and amount of caffeine intake. Or else there can be harmful gout attacks in the process.

Caffeine can cause incontinence

Caffeine can even be a cause for incontinence. Based on the research of Alabama University it has been proved that females who are more prone to caffeine intake have the seventy percent greater chance of developing incontinence. Thus, when you take caffeine in excess you can have the condition known as leaky bladder. This is something immensely disgraceful in public. The condition of incontinence can be immensely disgraceful and if you are experiencing the same then it is likely that you would feel the disgrace once you feel urine leaking when standing in a group.

Caffeine in empty stomach can cause indigestion

If you have daily consumption of caffeine it is likely that you will suffer from conditions of indigestion. When you are having caffeine at random there are chances that may have incidents of stomach upset. It is likely that you can have complaints of stomach disorders. In most cases the indigestion occurs when you consume caffeine in empty stomach. Thus, make sure that when you are drinking coffee or consuming caffeine it is important to have food along with the drink in order to keep the stomach full.

Caffeine leading to several health hazards

Caffeine can even cause infertility in females. A study has been conducted t the University of Neveda School of Medicine and based on the findings it has been opined that caffeine intake in case of women reduces chances of getting pregnant. It is also not apt for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. In fact, an overdose of caffeine is no way desirable. More consumption of caffeine can lead to several health adversities. Thus, it is important that you stay careful regarding the amount of caffeine intake you should have on regular basis.