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What to Wear to a Wedding for Men

Dressing for a wedding event can be great fun, but only if you plan it ahead. They say that “clothes reflect your personality” and you can very well prove it by choosing the right wedding attire for yourself. The key to kick-starting your plan is the invitation card. The best idea would be to follow the specific attire or dress code requested. If not, look around for some ideas and dress accordingly. But you need not worry anymore, for we are here to share your styling load with these brilliant tips.

What to wear to a wedding men

Men’s dresses to wear to a wedding

Wedding attire for men


White tie is pretty formal and is rarely seen these days- at royal weddings for instance. Formal wedding attire for men may consist of a black tailcoat made of black wool with silk lapels that go unbuttoned over a white cotton pique shirt, an evening waistcoat, and black trousers. A pair of polished black shoes is a must along with a white bow tie, cufflinks and studs, which can be in plain white or other attractive colors.

What to wear to a formal wedding


They are less formal attire, also described as “Black-tie,” “Dinner Jackets,” or “Tuxedos.” White dinner jackets were traditionally worn in hot climates. The British, however, were not particularly fond of this style even in the summer months. It consists of a black wool tuxedo with silk lapels or shawl collars and covered buttons. A crisp white dinner shirt along with black trousers, black leather shoes and a hand-tied bow tie makes for an ideal semi-formal garb. Cummerbunds and ties are optional, but if you want to try it, try to be a tad bit cautious about it. 

Casual Dressing

While there is no substitute for cozy, regular attire, you can always go for bold colored suits like tropical green, toasted almond, lavender, or dusk blue. Always choose less vibrant colors when it comes to shirts and trousers such as cream or navy colored chinos and solid colored shirts. Avoid denim as it is mundane, everyday wear. Loafers are a good choice here wherein you can experiment with different shades like burgundy, navy, mustard, or olive green. A neckerchief would be unique and catchy to wear with this getup.

What to Wear to a Casual Wedding

Cocktail Attire

A navy or charcoal suit may be too formal for cocktail party attire, but whatever you choose should be polished and sophisticated. Make sure your clothing is adaptable, neat, and well-fitted irrespective of the color. The Oxford shoes are a great choice for cocktail wedding events, but if you are too fed up of wearing it, try out a pair of comfy loafers. Accessories have a big role to play here, so consider picking out a pocket square along with decorative studs to back your style.   

Cocktail Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

What to Wear to an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are a pretty good way to showcase your classic and fancy wardrobe collection.

A Vintage Wedding gives you the opportunity to wear some suave old-time rustic outfits. Men often prefer going to such occasions donning patterned or solid black, gray and navy suits, along with waistcoats, braces (or suspenders), hats, or quirky ties.

A beach wedding mostly demands light weight cotton fabrics like seersucker suits with different shades like ocean blue, tan, gray, or cream. Do not miss the opportunity to flaunt a light fitting waistcoat as you remove your suit jacket. Handmade brown colored sandals would make appropriate footwear for this occasion.

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Men’s Summer Wedding Attire

The attire should be smart and pertinent, and as such, a hopsack fabric is ideal for summer months as it allows your body to breathe. If the marriage theme is an outdoor one, opt for something light like linen, cotton, silk, mohair, etc. Wear soothing and solid colored shirts and pants, because it looks dapper when the jacket or suit is off.

Dresses to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Men’s Winter Wedding Attire

While dressing in winter months, you must choose the right fabrics like flannel, wool or cashmere as they generate enough warmth. If you are stressed out about the styling, go for a three piece or double breasted suit. If the weather is too chilly, you can also carry a long black overcoat and white silk scarf.


Dresses to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Fall Men’s Wedding Attire

Since the humid weather and unpredictable showers characterize the fall season, hosting an outdoor event will not be a wise decision. Try something offbeat like burgundy, olive, or forest green to let loose your quirky and playful side. Apply the same idea to the pocket squares as well. Tropical wools are also a good choice, as it absorbs and evaporates moisture faster than other fabrics.

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Wedding days conjure up beautiful memories that are cherished for long after. So get ready in a swooning outfit which will make you look stylish, confident and set you apart from the wedding crowd.