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What to Wear to an Interview – Interview Attire for Men

Landed a job interview, did you? Congratulations! Get your résumé right, get well-prepared for the questions you may have to face at the interview. But the most important thing to keep in mind is to dress to impress your potential employers; that first glance that they take of you is pretty much make or break! To know in detail what should be the proper interview attire, read on:

What to wear to a job interview

Your interview apparel should be chosen depending on what level of job you are being interviewed for. If it is an entry-level job, you may be forgiven for not looking dapper. You still must look the part, though!

What color shirt to wear to an interview

A solid white or a light blue shirt is what you should go with. These two colors exhibit calmness and stability, definitely something your interviewer must be satisfied with to start off.

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Images of Interview Shirt Color

Interview Suit

In case you are there for a higher level job, say for a managerial position, a suit is an absolute must; there can be no excuse for not wearing one. To the interviewer’s eye, dressing appropriately conveys how serious and respectful you are about the organization and the job you are there to interview for. There are two colors you may bank on when it comes to the suit, a navy blue or charcoal. The shirt underneath the suit must still be as mentioned above, solid white or light blue.

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Image of Interview Suit Color

Tie for interview

Now let’s talk about the tie; this works for both entry-level or higher-up job interviews. Just make sure the pattern of the tie is apropos. A navy blue, green or burgundy will go well with the shirt colors previously alluded to. Wear the tie in a Half-Windsor knot and you should be fine!

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Photo of What Color Tie to Wear to an Interview

Pants for interview

Well, if you’re wearing a suit, the coat’s color, and the trousers’ color must be the same. In case you did not opt for a suit, your aim should be to complement the clothes of the upper body with those of the lower body. Light colored shirts like a solid white or solid blue scream out for dark colored trousers. A black or navy blue pair will suffice.

Accessorize with a leather belt, but make sure the quality of the leather is good, and it matches with your footwear, speaking of which!

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Interview Shoes

Oxfords, round toed pair of shoes, have been helping men world over to walk to their interviews for a very long time. One simply does not go wrong with a pair of these. To risk repetition, ensure the color of the shoes match with that of the belt.

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Picture of Oxford Shoe


When it comes to socks, you have a couple of options, either match its color with that of the trousers or match it with the color of the shoes. Either way, go with a solid colored pair of socks, this is one thing that you want to be as inconspicuous as possible.

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If you’ve got piercings on your eyebrows, ears, nose, chin, tongue, basically anywhere visible to your potential employers, get rid of it for the duration of the interview.

Wear a nice looking watch, not necessarily expensive, just good looking!

Remember, you want to exude stability and confidence, so an unorganized pate of hair is not going to help your cause; if necessary apply some hair gel to hold the hair in place.

Do not wear too much cologne, it might work to tick your interviewer off, smell is, after all, one of the most overwhelming of sensations. If you must, wear an unscented perfume or cologne.

To avoid coming across as unprofessional, get yourself a portfolio, or even a folder instead of a backpack or just loose papers.

Get yourself a good, clean shave before the interview, an untidy face is something to avoid when you are going for an interview.

Photos of Interview Attire for Men

Now that you have been given all the necessary pointers as to what to wear to an interview, go get yourself any item described above that you do not have in your possession.