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What to Wear to a Funeral- A Guide for Men’s Attire

The one, who is born, has to die and this is the biggest reality of human life. Attending a funeral service, or the last rituals and customs, offered in honor of the deceased, is not an easy task. A lot of things may come to the mind like, what to wear, or what to say at the sermon. Here, we cannot promise to give solutions to all your questions but will try to explain funeral attire and etiquettes.

What to Wear at a Funeral

What can Men wear at a funeral

Modern funeral attire is not as rigid as it was. Your outfit must express the grief for the loss. The attire should be darker in the shade with a traditional touch. You could disregard the conventional dress-code only if the family of the deceased requested you a particular type or color.

Traditional Attire: Always Go For a Black Suit

Black is the color of mourning in the west, and this tradition dates back to the Roman Empire where the deceased’s family members used to wear a dark colored toga. Hence a black suit with black tie, black slacks, shining pair of shoes, and a solid white shirt is ideal.

Funeral Attire

Other colors safe to wear to a funeral

•    Charcoal gray can be the best substitute for black, with same colored pants, black or dark brown shoes, and deep colored necktie.

•    Go for Navy or Brown colored suits if neither black nor charcoal suits you.

What Color Suit to Wear to a Funeral
Brown Funeral Outfit for Men

What to avoid wearing to a funeral

•    Red or any other bold color is a strict no, as it is a symbol of joy and happiness.

•    Do not wear jeans, chinos, or something which you prefer for clubbing.

•    Always avoid printed clothes, be it a visitation or a memorial service.

•    Do not wear sneakers, athletic shoes, flip flops or any other casual footwear to a funeral. It can be disrespectful and awkward.

Other specific tips for attending a funeral

If Not Wearing a Suit

If you do not want to wear a suit, aim for a casual funeral wear like, a simple shirt with dark colored trouser, a tie, and a formal shoe is a right choice.

What to Wear to a Funeral No Suit

Winter funeral outfit

A shirt under a solid colored sweater, along with trousers is ideal for funerals as the attire is not at all flashy. If it’s too windy go for long mono-colored coats and avoid casuals like bomber jackets and puffy parkas.

Winter Funeral Outfit - Solid Solored Sweater

Winter Funeral Attire

Summer funeral outfit

There is no such particular summer funeral attire, but in hot and humid conditions you can help yourself by not wearing any jacket or blazer, but a dark color cotton or linen shirt and formal trouser is must along with a tie for the formality. Short shirts and round neck printed t-shirts are a strict no. If the weather is too sunny go for a solid color British hat, not a baseball cap.

Summer Funeral Outfit If you are still undecided, contact other friends or relatives to know what to wear and go with it.