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How to Wear a Fedora

What is a Fedora

A fedora is a stylish unisex hat that has withstood the test of time! The term ‘fedora’ itself has been in use since the early 1890’s, and the style was quite en vogue until the mid to late 20th century, with a resurgence in the style during recent years. The biggest exponent of the fedora remains Frank Sinatra.

Wearing a fedora requires certain requisites to be met to ensure that you do not come across as a 1950’s politician, or indeed a gang-member from that period, as the hat used to be worn by people from both ends of the spectrum.

How to Wear a Fedora

Wearing a Fedora – Do’s and Don’ts


Purchase a real Fedora: Fedoras can be made out of felt, wool and straw. Felt fedoras are the real deal, so it is wise to invest in one, as it is going to last for generations. If you cannot afford one, however, the other two work just well. You can wear woolen fedoras during the winter, and the straw ones can be a good choice when you’re visiting beaches, or places with warmer climates.

Go for the Right Colors: Black, grey, olive, navy, tan and brown are colors you should go for when you’re getting a fedora.

Make Sure it Fits: Purchase a fedora that fits perfectly on your head. Let’s be honest, if it engulfs your head because it’s too big, or keeps falling off for being too small, you’re not going to want to wear it.

Get a measuring tape and place it about an 8th of an inch above your left ear, and then just wrap it around your head to find out your head size. Alternatively, you can just go to a shop which can do the measuring for you.

Man Wearing Fedora

Get the Rakish Angle Right: A rakish angle is created when you tilt your hat a bit on either side. This will come off as a little wink from your hat.

Confidence is the key: The only mantra for wearing a fedora is confidence, which is what you’re going to need to pull it off.

Men Wearing Fedora


·         Wear your fedora or any other hat during solemn moments, like when a national anthem is being sung or played, or when you’re visiting a funeral.

·         Buy a fedora just because it looks good on the counter, try it out yourself and take a good look in the mirror. If there’s a shadow of a doubt, do not buy it.

·         Pair your fedora with a collarless top.

·         Wear it indoors, unless it’s a lobby or a hallway. In other words, take your hat off when in a restaurant or inside a house.

·         Forget to tip your hat when you first meet a lady.

Wearing a Fedora

What to Wear with a Fedora Hat

A fedora goes nicely with a well-fitted suit. But if you can’t wait and need to wear it as soon as you get your hands on it, keep in mind that this hat will also go with jeans paired with a blazer or a jacket.

You can also wear your fedora with a tightly fitting sweater or a buttoned-down shirt and pants (slacks), bottomed with a nice pair of shoes, but remember to avoid sneakers.

Wearing Fedora Make sure to abide by the do’s and don’ts given above; otherwise you might just end up looking stupid. Indiana Jones and Neal Caffrey are two of the most famous fictitious characters who wear this hat, while Johnny Depp is an example of the current crop of Hollywood actors donning the classy headgear. If you think it’s time for you to get yours, go ahead!