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How to Wear a Beanie for Men

If you are still wondering, what exactly is a beanie? It is a kind of hat or toque that offers a smart look and helps in fighting the cold weather. Every guy has a distinctive head shape, so it is important to choose a proper fit, and it should not look forceful or contradictory to your attire. There are different ways to put on a beanie, out of which we list few stylish methods for different types and lengths of hair.

How to Wear a Beanie

How to Wear a Beanie for Guys

Some simple steps for wearing beanies are:

·         Select a beanie, be conscious about the color and try to go for a basic one, like blue or gray.

·         Then choose a suitable method and comb your hair accordingly.

·         Pull the beanie off as per your selected method.

How to Wear Beanies Guys

Ways to Wear a Beanie


It is a simple and easy way that keeps you warm in cold weather. It covers the entire head including ears and forehead, without cuffing.

Single cuff

Popularly worn in office, single-cuff is ideal for hair little longer than medium. It covers the top and goes half-way for ears and forehead.

Steve Zissou

Earlier used by fishermen, it now offers a great hipster look. Here, the beanie is cuffed twice with an option to wear it either backward or to the front, depending on which side of the hair you want to flaunt.

How to Wear a Beanie Men

High top

It offers a cool look and covers the head leaving your ears and forehead open. The beanie should be kept vertical and well-adjusted all the time.

Robin Hood

Here, the beanie gets a single cuff at the back and no cuff in the front, leaving the ears and forehead uncovered.

David Beckham

To get this look, wear the beanie as far as possible, letting some portion free at the back. Here, the forehead remains uncovered with some hair tuft out.

How to Wear a Slouchy Beanie

Wearing a Beanie with Natural Hair

Beanies are a flexible article of clothing that offers many options for people with different hair length.

Short hair

Short or medium length hair is ideal to have thin and tight fitting beanie. Long and slouchy ones can overpower your face by making it insignificant in comparison.

How to Wear a Beanie with Short Hair

Long hair

Longer locks are now trending, and so are the ways of styling. Dressing your long hair by slim fitted beanie is an easier task than making braids, and it looks classy as well.

How to Wear a Beanie with Long Hair

Curly hair

Curly hair mostly has a thick texture, so covering it with a tight hat may not look cool. But using a graphic Pom Beanie to tame the locks can be a subject of discussion among your colleagues.

How to Wear a Beanie with Curly Hair

Outfits with Beanies

During winters, beanie hat and coat is men’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean you can attend a board meeting or a wedding wearing a beanie with a suit. Wearing beanies can be a smart move only if you know the right combination.

Outfits with Beanies

A crisp white shirt along with fitting chinos is a good option, but knitwear like cardigans and jumpers would probably be the best companions to beanies. Pairing with streetwear such as a bomber jacket and black jeans would offer a casual look and complete your styling.