How to treat razor burns in men?

How to treat razor burns in men?

How to treat burns with razor in men?

Razor burns are quite common in men as they have to use a razor frequently to shave their mustache and bearded face. Today, people are no more using blades to clean their mustache. Electric razors are used frequently to make the process easy and convenient. Many people suffer from razor burns after completing their shave with a razor. Due to this, irritation is also caused to the skin.  Even in some men mild rashes get developed. If the shave is bad, it develops in your face and is really distinct. For some people these rashes appear for a period of few hours where as others suffers from the rashes for few days.  The lasting of rashes is seen in individuals as per the depth of the razor cut.

Ways of treating razor burns


Homemade remedies are very simple, readily available and also very effective. Just after completing your shave, it will be possible to prepare after shaving oil by using the cucumber. You have to smash the cucumbers in a mixer or a grinder and then mix mint extract as well as water to create a soft and simple diluents’. A perfect combination of cucumber and mind provides a soothing effect to the razor burnt skin of an individual.  Even if you have developed inflammation during the process, the cucumber mixture will eradicate the same.

Strawberries mask

You can take some strawberries available at your refrigerator and smash it. Now mix the same with the sour cream in a wide bowl.  Now mix the two things really well so that there is no lump in the solution. Now apply the solution in the area where you suffer from bad shave. This can also be used by person after completion of the regular shave. After application of the paste, your skin will become really soft and supple. If you want to make it fragranced, few drops of aromatic herbs oil can be added to the solution.  This can be applied instead of after shave oil which is available in the market.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is really effective in protecting an individual from the infection that has been caused immediately.  It has the analgesic qualities which help in reducing swelling. On applying it a smooth layer is formed which helps in creating a protection to your skin. This layers helps in protecting an individual from the skin infection. You can also plant an aloe Vera tree in your kitchen garden and get ready made aloe Vera gel for any type of skin treatment.

Shea butter

This is an ivory color fat extracted from the well known nut of Shea tree that is found in Africa. This can also used to treat the razor burns suffered by individuals.  This will provide a soothing effect to any type of razor burns. If you want to harden the solution, this can be done by keeping it in the refrigerator. This can also be used as a bar after making it hard in refrigerator.

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