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Hair loss in men- how to treat?

Hair loss in men- how to treat?

Today, hair loss has become one of the major problems faced by individuals staying at various parts of the world. People are very keen to get a good textures and dense hair all over their head. But, due to pollution as well as massive change in the lifestyle of individuals, it will be quite difficult to retain good textured and dense hair. Even due to styling of hair, men can get their hair baled easily after few years. Causes of hair loss will be either you need to carry on with some simple or cost effective ways that will stop your hair loss problem.

Ways to treat hair loss in men


You must have heard women putting henna on their hair once in a week. This is a particular type of herbal treatment where natural herbs and leaves are extracted and mixed them to provide a wonderful medicine along with other necessary herbal products.  If you can apply henna mixed twice in a week, hair loss will be effectively reduced.

Folic acid

Hair grows with the help of follicle in the root of each hair. But, due to dirt and chemicals used by individuals, this cannot get place to grow. Thus, in order to decrease hair fall and boost the growth of hair, you must consume folic acid on a regular basis. You can also see the transition stage between growing and resting of your hair. Folic acid helps growing your hair easily without the use of any chemicals. You can get it in the form of tablet in medical shop. Consuming each tablet once a day will eradicate your hair loss.

Home remedies

You can find some home remedies that helps eradicating the loss of hair from your head. Make a hair pack with curd and banana. Apply the mixture over your head and leave this for a period of 10 minutes. After it becomes dry, wash it away with water.

Tips to reduce hair fall

Only remedies are not the solution to your hair loss, you should also avoid some nasty things in your life which you have been doing for a long period and that has probably been the result of hair fall. Some of them include:

  • Avoid junk food
  • Spicy and oily food must be avoided
  • Reduce consumption of  tea and coffee
  • Avoid refined food
  • Carbonated drinks must be reduced
  • You can drink vegetables juices prepared with mixture of alfalfa, lettuce, capsicum, carrot
  • Avoiding alcoholic drink will be another important step
  • Consuming green leafy vegetable can be another important step for healthy hair

Best food for hair

You can now come across a list of foods that are good for your hairs. Some of them are really effective in treating hair fall. These food include yogurt, Oyster, milk, strawberries, milk, spinach, amla. Yoy can also use amla for your hair growth. It is a traditional way of keeping hair healthy and long lasting. You can try it today and get result.