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Best way to get rid of white hair in the moustache

Best way to get rid of white hair in the moustache

With an increase in age there is excess of white hair growth in the moustache. When you become aged there is less melanin within the body. Melanin is the pigment which helps you in having the right hair colour and the skin colour. So when melanin lessens there is discolouring of the hair and the skin. The men start noticing the white hair on the moustache and this make themlook aged. Whiteness of the hair is a sign of age and so it is obvious that you would want to get rid of the unwanted whiteness.

Facial hair can be the pride and joy of some men. But what do you do when your pride and joy starts showing the signs of old age? White or grey hair is not only limited to the hair on your head. Stress, bad diet, health problems and age and so on can be the reason behind the graying of facial hair as well. But you do not have to let a few grey facial hairs make you feel old.  If you have a grey hair in your beard then you might be able to conceal it. At the same time the grey hair on your mustache might not be concealable. So, you need to take steps to combat white mustache hair. There are essentially three things that you can do to conceal white mustache hair.

Pluck it

When you see a white hair on your head you might be tempted to pluck it. Similarly a white or grey hair in your mustache might tempt you to pluck it. Many believe that plucking white hair can increase the occurrence of white hair. But this is more of a myth than reality. Plucking a white hair cannot encourage your body to over compensate the loss. This is why you do not have to be worried about your entire moustache turning white after plucking a few white hairs. As effective plucking can be you need to face the pain of having to pry a hair of off your face. The pain can be quite deterring for most. But if you can tolerate the pain then you can go for plucking the few white hair that has sprouted on your prized moustache.

Trim it

If you are unwilling to tolerate the pain of having to rip out a hair from under your nose then you can opt for trimming the white hair. Trimming can be a painless and quick way of ridding white hair, but it has a number of problems. The first problem is the difficulty of isolating a single hair from among hundreds of black hair. You might end up trimming a few good black hairs before getting to the condemned white hair. The other problem is that it is likely to grow back quite fast. So, you might have to resort to trimming it or plucking it again. Going to a barber to get the hair trimmed can be the best idea since this can help avoid the massacre of black hair in search of the dodgy white ones.

Color it

What can you do if the number of white hairs become too much to pluck or trim? The answer is simple. Get your mustache dyed. Dyeing your moustache can be a good idea if there are a large number of white hairs. At the same time dying your moustache can ruin the quality of your moustache hair. But if you are willing to sacrifice the quality of your facial hair for the color then dying your moustache can be the best way of getting rid of white hair in your moustache.

White hair can be really irritating in the middle of your moustache even after you have trimmed it to look better. But you can now get variety of ways through which white hair can be easily removed. Some of the ways are:

  • Dissolving hairs with the cream that is placed at the root of your moustache. Apply the depilatory in your moustache and give some time for it to sit. Time allotted may vary from one product to another.  You must look at the instruction and then proceed.
  • Electrolysis treatment is another way through which people can eradicate white hair from their moustache.  Needle is inserted in order to kill the root of the hair that is grey. You will need to restrain its effect for a period of 10 hours till all the grey hair gets removed.

The home remedies for white facial hairs

It is true that hair can be removed in several ways. However, there are trusted home remedies which can save the hair from being white. If you want to get rid of the unwanted white hair, here you have some of the best home based remedies. These are remedies to help you appear so neat and you seem to look perfect without the white hair.

The mixture of sugar and lemon

First you can use the facial hair mix of sugar and lemon. You can make a solution of sugar along with water and add lemon to the same. Lemon helps in skin bleaching while the others work in causing perfect skin exfoliation. These are the three elements which when combined can help in removing the unwanted hair from the moustache. However, make sure that the ingredients should not be applied on the sensitive portions of the skin. This can cause unnecessary skin irritation.

The mixture of sugar water lemon and honey

Sugar when mixed with water, honey and lemon can have great result on the skin. The solution acts like a natural wax and this helps in removing the unwanted hair from the moustache. The process is painful and so you have to bear the pain to an extent. Application of the solution on the moustache will help you just like waxing and in the way you can feel the pain indeed.

The combination of lentil and potatoes

You can even make use of a mixture of lentil and potatoes. When you mix potato with the yellow lentil it helps in removing the extra and the unwanted hair from the moustache. Potatoes come with natural bleaching properties. When potato is mixed with lentil and then applied on the hair the same helps the hair retain the natural colour. This is the perfect Ayurvedic process by which you can get rid of the unwanted hair from the facial moustache.

The magic of the alum rosewater

You can even treat the white hair of the moustache with Alum Rosewater. Alum Rosewater is available in India and Pakistan. You can get the same in the powdered form. At times you can even buy the solution in the rock form. Then you grind the same and turn it into powder. The powder is then mixed with rosewater. After the solution is ready it should be applied on the moustache for that desirable hair colouring. On the application of the same the hair gets the desired colour and you appear so young and fresh.

The dry egg mask for the unwanted hair

You can even prepare a facial mask for hair removal with egg. The white part of the egg is extremely sticky and it is just like sugar. When you apply the egg white on the face it gets dried and once it becomes cool and hard you can pull off the same quite easily. When you are pulling off the egg white the unwanted hair too will come off and in the way you can feel the pain caused by the dry egg mask.

Banana and oatmeal together

There are more things you can use for the perfect hair removal. You can start with oatmeal and banana scrub. Banana is a sort of natural component and it is best used for removing the unwanted and the white hair from the moustache. Banana can be mixed with the rough ingredient of oatmeal and this can help in perfect skin exfoliation. Moreover, banana helps in turning the skin so soft and pulpy and the oatmeal causes cleansing of the skin. Both of them when combined and leave the best effect on the skin and in the way the white hairs of the moustache would be gone and you are sure to feel and look so smart and fresh.

Raw papaya can take care of white hairs

Raw papaya can really do good to the skin and it even helps in the process of unwanted hair removal. This is the best natural component you can use for the sensitive skin. The raw papaya has a sort of enzyme and it is known as papain. Papain helps in restricting hair growth and this is made to happen with the breaking down of the hair follicles from the source of hair growth. Raw papaya even helps in improving the skin texture and it even acts as a perfect skin exfoliate agent and this helps in removing the dead skin cells. Raw papaya can be best mixed with both turmeric and aloe vera and this will act as ideal skin nourishment.

Turmeric can cause unwanted hair removal

Turmeric is a component to be highly used for treating skin related illnesses. Turmeric has all the anti-bacterial and the antiseptic features and this is the best component to help prevent the growth of the hair. This is an effective way you can remove the white hairs from the moustache and it is being used for removing all qualities of thin, thick and dense hairs.

The working of the chickpea

Chickpea is an Indian recipe and it is available in form of gram flour. When using chickpea you should mix it well with water, turmeric and milk and then the same should be applied on the skin so that the unwanted grey or white hairs can be removed from the root and this can even happen at the area of the facial moustache. This is the best solution to help cure several skin related issues. You have the perfect chick flour mask and this is ideal for removing the growth of the grey hair.

The thanaka extract for proper hair removal

You have the popular component known as Thanaka. This is extracted from the bark of a tree in Myanmar and the same is extremely required for all cosmetic reasons. Thanaka is yellow in colour and once it is mixed with Safflower t can help you get rid of the unwanted hairs on the face and even on other parts of the body. The sort of oil also helps in skin cleansing and in the way the skin becomes so smooth and soft. You can call the Thanaka powder as the kind of natural body hair inhibitor and this help in the removal of the unwanted body hair.

The perfect combination of onion and basil

Onion and basil when combined together can help in best hair removal from the moustache and the skin. Onion is called a sort of natural ingredient and it helps in causing the skin appears so perfectly beautiful. It is interesting to know that onion helps in the removal of the unwanted hairs from the skin and this is the reason it can be used for cleaning the white hair from the moustache.

White pepper and camphor for hair removal

Camphor and white pepper can really help in clearing the white hair from the moustache. Both pepper and camphor are extremely strong and they can cause burning sensation over the skin. These are components not perfect for sensitive skin texture. However, they can be used in removal of the white hair portions from over the skin. There are some who even make use of kerosene but the same can be harmful for the skin. So it is best that you do not make use of the same always.

The remedy of turmeric and indian nettle

You can call Indian nettle a medicinal herb. The herb consists of anodyne and it has all the anti-microbial properties to help in the goodness of the skin and at the same time it even acts in removing the unwanted hairs from the skin. Indian nettle also has elements like anthelmintic, emetic, anti-parasitic, wound healing and hypnotic features. This is a traditional and a wondrous herb and it is best used for treating ailments like bed sores, asthma, wounds and can even be used to pluck and remove the unwanted hairs from the skin.

Rose water and green gram flour

You can even make a paste of rose water and green gram flour. The flour has all the exfoliating features and this helps in removing the unwanted hairs from the root. You can call rose water the perfect cleansing agent and along with removal of the hair the water causes perfect and ideal skin cleansing. At times the green gram flour and the rose water are better mixed for the removal of the white hair from the moustache and they can even act best in improving the texture of the skin.

The effects of the spearmint tea

For hair removal you have the perfect remedy of Spearmint Tea. If you drink this tea you can make the hair retain the original colour and this way you won’t look aged due to the hair becoming grey even when you are not so old. In fact, the tea has all the properties to make the hair look natural and this is the reason you should take to the drinking of the tea often.

Other commercial products for hair removal

There are better equipments available in the market to help you pluck off the white hair from the moustache. You can avail for the items and at the same time take notice of the pros and cons of using the equipments.

The usage of razors

One can make use of razors to clean the moustache. It is easy to make use of the razors and this is a cheap alternative for hair removal. However, there is no special skill involved in making use of the razor. It is important that you know how to hold the razor correctly and use the same. An incorrect usage of the razor can cause injuries and bruises on the skin.

The function of the epilators

Epilators are used for unwanted hair removal. Epilators can cause less skin damaging. These are inexpensive items and one can make use of the same without any hassle. Epilators are used to remove all sorts of hairs but they are not apt for removing the tiny hairs from the skin. In fact, the epilators cannot pluck the hairs from the root. Here lies the prime disadvantage of the instrument.

Threading is a great hair removal method

You can even remove the unwanted and the grey hair from the moustache with the process of threading. This is the perfect and the cheapest way you can remove the unwanted hairs from over the face. However, not all can practice threading. It has to be done by the professionals maintaining the shape and the look of the moustache. Threading is painful and it is mostly done in case of women. Even men shape their moustache with the help of the process. With threading the grey hairs are removed from the root. This is a clean way you can get rid of the white and the grey hairs without causing damage to the skin.