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How to reduce belly fat in men?

How to reduce belly fat in men

Today, more or less in every individual belly fat has become a common problem. Even a person with skinny appearance will get the fat deposits in stomach. Having little bit of fat is healthy. But, excess fat can be a great problem to individual with bulky appearance all over. Even it can be a problem for people having heart disease if too many fats get deposited in various body layers of individuals.  Some of the fat lies under the skin where as others gets deposit in liver, around the heart, lungs and other organs. The visceral fat goes deeper inside the body of an individual and affects every layer. This can also be a great problem for thin people.

For those, who struggle hard to figure out the ways to reduce the belly fat, here are some of the proven techniques which removes the excess fat from the stomach. Initially, you may feel tired and worn out with these techniques. However, hard work pays its price. When these are followed in regular practice, the belly fat can be reduced to a considerable extent.

Hard to remove belly fat

People have faced hardship in removing belly fat as the deposit becomes quite high in volume inside the layers of stomach. Apart from carrying on with variety of aesthetic facts, you also need to take care of your food and drinks.  Yet there are some techniques through which this hard belly fat can be easily removed.

Causes of belly fat accumulation

Knowing the causes behind the problem is the first step towards its energy imbalance is often cited as the primary cause of the deposition of excess abdominal fat in men. Intake of high calorie diet without proper physical activities means your body is receiving more calorie than it is eliminates, wastes and expends.

Hormonal imbalance can also trigger central obesity. When you eat a meal, its carbohydrates are the first nutrients to be broken down into tiny particles of glucose. Insulin which helps to drive the glucose into the bloodstream is a hormone that is released from the pancreas. The elevation of the glucose or sugar level in the blood results in the rapid secretion of insulin. Increased level of insulin creates more than the required energy of your body. The extra energy in stored in your body in the form of fat for future purpose. If you do not burn the excess energy, larger amount of fat continues to stock up in the abdomen cells. The result is clearly visible.

Stress causes the increase in the level of cortisol in the a result of which more fat is stocked in your belly. Among the other prevalent causes cardiovascular diseases, smoking, alcoholism, genetic disposition are mention worthy.

Ways to reduce belly fat in men

Creating calorie deficit

You can now create a calorie deficit by reducing intake of amount of calorie which you consume each day. It can be done easily in two ways. First way is by cutting down portion and size of food and burning calorie with variety of physical activity.

Steps 1

Begin a perfect monitoring of the amount of calories that you consume on a daily basis and don’t ever try to include calorie in food items like sauces, salads, beverages, dressings, cooking oils etc.

Step 2

It will be quite helpful for the person concern to start the belly fat removal activity with a food journal. This will help each man to track their intake on a regular basis. There are several websites online which have facts that helps in reducing bulky stomach of an individual. You can speak to the expert and ask the amount of food you need to consume on a particular day so that you don’t grow up with bulky and fatty stomach.

Step 3

Intake of calorie may not be same for all individual. Amount of calorie to be consumed by a boy of 15 young age may not be similar to the calorie intake of a person who have crossed 50 years of age. If you are putting on weight and your belling is getting bulky, you need to cut off some calorie intake.

Step 4

Having some physical activity will be another effective way of reducing your belly fat. If you are sitting in front of computer over a chair, there will be a tendency of your belly to become bigger day after day. But, today you can easily take a step forward and start jogging and running early in the morning to stay fit and reduce belly fat.

Step 5

Reduce intake of sugar (refined carbohydrate) as it is one of the main ingredient to make a person bulky. It takes time to burn sugar  and stores under the skin layer.

Step 6

Switch to foods packed with healthy fats, omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fibre. These nutrients give you the feeling of satiation for a long time and also slow down the breakdown of glucose, thus keeping the blood sugar level under control.

Step 7

Stress hormones play a very crucial role in controlling the storage of abundant belly fat. Therefore you have to pay more attention towards stress management if you wish to get back in shape. You can opt for meditation if mental stress disturbs the peace of your mind consistently.

Water Melon

Since water melon has 91% of water content in it, it helps in burning out the calories. This in turn reduces the belly fat in a natural way. The American Dietetic Association also has come up with the report that water melons are the excellent food for reducing tummy weight. In addition to tummy fat loss, it also helps in keeping your face glowing.

Practice Slow Breathing

Yes, slow breathing keeps your mind and body fit. It is an excellent and easy way to reduce the fats deposited in the belly. Even when you are occupied with other works, you can concentrate on this way to reduce tummy weight. Many people make the mistake of taking shallow breaths or short breaths during excess emotional situation. This should be avoided as it increase the fats in the belly.