Watches for Men with Small Wrists

Watches for Men with Small Wrists

Two things can drive a man crazy and make him embarrassed – his short height and skinny wrists. Yes, some of us have looked at a watch with gluttony but couldn’t buy it because our wrists are too small. But, the dream doesn’t necessarily have to end in disappointment as there are a wide variety of luxury watches available even for smaller wrists.

Know your wrist size

It is imperative to identify the size of your wrist before you buy a watch. Measure the size of your wrist by a tape. If it’s around 6-6.5 inches, then you have a relatively small wrist.

Watch Case Diameter and Thickness

The diameter of the watch case that is suitable for your wrist size is 38mm, 40mm, and 42mm. Any watch case that has a diameter greater than 42mm will make your wrists look even thinner.

Watch Diameter Guide Pictures

Similarly, if the case is very thick, it will not fit well on a small wrist. Ensure that the thickness of the watch case is not more than 7mm.

Small Wrist Watch Size Images

Watch Band Width

Watch bands are generally half the size of the case diameter. Wide bands fit well on big wrists, so if you have a small wrist lean more towards narrow-medium width bands as in the image:

Watches for Small Wrists Photos

Watch Band Material

Metal bands, due to their heavy nature give a bigger and bulkier appearance, while, leather bands make the watch look slimmer. For men with thin wrists, it is better to go for leather or fabric bands rather than the metal ones.

Watch Structure

Look out for the intricate details of a watch like lug size, pusher, the changer and the hands of the watch. If these components are big on a watch, then a man with small wrists will look disproportionate sporting it. Go for sleek and compact watches, instead.

Images of 38mm Men’s Watch

Best Watches for Small Wrists

The best watch depends on your need. There are different types of watches available like the dress, automatic, analog, dive, and chronograph. While many watches may perfectly fit a small wrist, you can try out Timex weekender that comes with Nato straps which allow you to use one dial with different straps depending on the occasion.

Pictures of Men’s Watches for Small Wrists

Don’t lose your sleep anymore because you have a small wrist; there are a million watches out there for you. Remember, the tips given above are not stringent. Always go by your personal preference.


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