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Vegan Vs Non Vegan which is better for men?

vegetarian vs non vegetarian

Today, the medical science speaks about utility of vegetarian diet. As compared to non Vegan diet, vegetarian dishes are having great utility for each human being. Today, many people especially men are adopting vegetarian dishes in their present day’s lifestyle in order to remove all harmful substances which is present in mammalian meat. After consuming the non vegetarian diet, you can easily remove saturated fat and cholesterol from your body.

The type of food to be eaten has become a critical issue in the moderntimes. There are debates discussions and seminars all over the world on this burning topic of —“Vegan Vs Non Vegan which is better for men”. Let us make it clear that men are looking for comfort, have their own habits and are stubborn. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians fall sick after consuming an unhealthy diet and leading a monotonous sedentary life depriving them of any physical exercises.

Most men are divided into two types – Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians

Vegetarian diet

This includes all types of plant foods and milk and dairy products. They are the people who never take meat and animal foods. Vegetarians get the required nourishment with the variety of foods includingfruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes and dairy products. Sometimes due to the selection of foods vegetarians are at a risk in developing iron deficiency, zinc deficiency and vitamin B 12 deficiencies. But if the focus on vegetarian food includes food containing calcium, vitamin B 12 and zinc remains in one’s diet there is no reason for a vegetarian person to be deprived of the required nutrients in the body. The most important part of a healthy lifestyle is exercise as without it no healthy nutritious vegetarian food can be helpful.

Non –vegetarian diet

It includes plant foods along with animal products like fish, meat, eggs   and milk products. Non vegetarian men consume more of high fat products like pork, chicken, beef and sea food. There is extra consumption of poultry products. Studies have shown that most of the chronic diseases are caused by chicken and fish especially when they are deep fried in hydrogenated oil.

Non –vegetarian men are at a higher risk for heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes as there consumption of fruits and vegetables is lower than the vegetarians.

Harmful effects of Non Vegetarian food

  • Coronary heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Cerebro- vascular accidents
  • Eye disease etc

Among the non vegetarian diet, only 60% of the food particles are useful for every man. But, 40% of the content includes toxic products and harmful substitutes. Since the non vegetarian dishes are heavy for your stomach, there is a chance of forming acid inside. Due to this acidity, many gastrointestinal diseases can take place.

You can come across a crazy debate between the utility and disadvantage of both Vegan and non vegan dishes. The healthy living of each human being is dependent on the food they consume. Men can also get confused about which is the healthy way of living with regards to diet.

Vegetarian food items

Vegan dishes include milk, dairy products, green leafy vegetables, nuts etc. Some people includes egg within the Vegan dishes list where as other takes it among the non vegan dishes. People consuming vegan dishes would positively exclude meat, animal by products, fish etc.

But sometimes, if the balance of proper nutrition is not achieved in vegan dishes, men can suffer from following problems:

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Anemia due to iron deficiency
  • Zinc deficiency

But, there are many vegetarian items available in the market which can help a man to overcome all such deficiency. You must consume spinach to eradicate Iron deficiency. Milk is a complete food that helps in including all important nutrients that is needed to build a healthy human being.  If a vegetarian person consume variety of foods that contains right amount of nutrients in each food group, nothing is better than a vegan diet.  Men should also focus on the food items that include zinc, vitamin B12, calcium etc. Along with right food, regular exercise is also another important part of each individual’s healthy routine.

Which one is better? Vegan or Non vegan

In the current trend of food consumption, both veggie and non veggie lovers are adopting refined form of the cereals such as rice, white bread etc. Unpolished cereals are more useful for human health as it include fibers which are really great for digestive system and bowel movement. In both vegan and non vegan dishes, you must consume good fat such as Omega 3 fatty acid and Omega 6 fatty acid. This is really essential for building muscle and health of every man. Unpolished food items along with vitamins and minerals are also very essential for the development of each organ in a healthy way. Junk food must be avoided by both Vegan and non Vegan diet consumable people.

Choice between Vegan and non vegan food

Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians lack in some category or the other, both consume refined cereal like white bread and white rice instead of whole wheat bread and brown rice. Both categories consume processed foods and ready to eat foods instead of raw fresh fruits and vegetables. Processed foods are high in fatty contents and contain a huge amount of salt which are promoters of obesity, heart diseases and other problems. These are applicable to both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians.

Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets  can be adopted but they need to be changed to a balanced diet along with appropriate exercise.