Is Vasectomy safe for the men sex life?

Is Vasectomy safe for the men sex life?

Vasectomy is safe for the men

Vasectomy is the name given to a permanent method of birth control conducted on men. The process prevents the release of sperms to mix with the semen during sexual intercourse. The testicles produce the sperms but are reabsorbed back into the body because the tubes carrying them are blocked. It is a safer and cheaper method of birth control than the tube ligation done on women.

Vasectomy is a permanent method for birth control in which prevents the release of sperms in men. The source of sperms on each testicle is cut, clamped or sealed in the course of vasectomy. It is found to be a very effective method of birth control.

How is a vasectomy done?

Vasectomy is normally performed under local anaesthesia through an injection to make the scrotum numb.  Small holes are made on either side of the scrotum and the vas deferens are pulled out and cut off and then stitched back or joined with small clamps.  The holes are very small and do not need any stitches. The whole part is healed up in a few days and the person is back to work and prepared for a normal life in a couple of days.

Advantages and disadvantages of Vasectomy

It is a safer method of birth control with hardly any complications. It is a onetime procedure and does not require any repetition.

The greatest disadvantage of vasectomy is that it does not prevent against infections of sexually transmitted disease. In some rare cases the tube gets unblocked again and the person becomes fertile.

Process of Vasectomy

The procedure of vasectomy takes about 20- 30 minutes in which the   two ves deferens tubes are cut, their ends tied, stitched or sealed under the effect of local anesthesia by a family doctor, urologist or a general surgeon. The process involves a small cut or prick in the scrotum which are closed by dissolvable stitches. This is a safer and cheaper method of birth control with fewer complications as compared to the same operation done for women.

Status after Surgery

The area of the operation will remain numb for a few hours.  A day’s rest is required after the operation. A person can resume his duties after a day or two but avoid   lifting of heavy things for about a week

Advantages of Vasectomy

  • Vasectomy is a safe, effective and permanent minor surgery for birth control.
  • Vasectomy in men  is cheaper with fewer complications than tubule sterilization in women
  • Reversal vasectomy is possible if the couple plans a child later, but bothvasectomy reversal and sperm retrieval are expensive and may not always work. The reversal process is not covered under insurance.
  • Vasectomy does not affect the ability of a man in sexual relationships.
  • Vasectomy is covered under insurance

Sex life after Vasectomy

Sexual activities can be resumed after a week, once the person feels comfortable. But another method of birth control should be used till the sperm count becomes zero which may take about two months.

Vasectomy does not interfere with one’s sex drive, orgasm, erection or ability to ejaculate. But the amount of semen ejaculated  is decreased by about 5% which is nominal. The process blocks the sperms from coming out but there is no change in the male sex hormones. The fear of pregnancy being gone there are chances of both partners having a better sex life after vasectomy.  It is wise to consult the doctor if one faces any problems like bleeding and allergies after vasectomy.

Some men worry that they will lose their sexual desires and start living under stress.  These people are confused between sterility and impotence.  Sterility is the process of birth control whereas impotence is there are no chances of conception. But they must understand that there is no significant change in aman’s sexual desire after vasectomy.   It has been witnessed earlier that vasectomy rejuvenates a person’s life of old men. They have found a small amount of increase in the testosterone level after vasectomy.

Vasectomy should be conducted on persons who have made up their mind not to have a child anywhere.  There are no dangers of this act on a person’s sex life. He continues to produce cells. The change is that the line is cut off and the cells cannot go out in ejaculation. The seed cells are absorbed in the body and there is no danger to the health of the person.

Is Vasectomy safe for the men sex life?

Vasectomy is completely safe for men sex life.  It is not recommended for men who wish to become a parent in the future. The sex life does not change after vasectomy. The sperms will develop in the testicles but will eventually reduce in number and will not be able to mix with the semen as the tubes are blocked. The sperms will be soon reabsorbed by the body.

The person needs to avoid sex for a few days after vasectomy, but can resume sex as soon as one feels comfortable. One has to be cautious in the initial stages as there are sperms in the tube which need to be protected with the help of condoms.

In fact studies have shown that  vasectomy can improve a person’s sex life  as it is found that it the levels of testosterone is said to increase after vasectomy. There is no fear of pregnancy hence the couples enjoy a better relaxed relationship. They do not have to use any other contraceptive method once the tube is cleared of the sperms.

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