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Useful birth control tips and options available for men


According to the mass, only women are responsible for birth of a child. Thus, when the question arises about birth control, women need to take proper medication. But, this is however not a wise and logical concept. In order to give birth to a child both male and female are responsible. Birth control has become a concern for even a male personality. There are ways through which men can avoid birth of a child.

Birth control option for men

As compared to the women, men have fewer option of birth control. Yet these techniques are very effective. Some of the birth control tips for men are as follows:

  • Condoms
  • Withdrawal
  • Abstinence
  • Vasectomy
  • Outer course

It is also possible for men to prevent pregnancy of his partner by practicing the methods which are based on fertility awareness. This cannot be done alone; rather his partner must be in support of this procedure.

Even if a woman is using the birth control method, there is no restriction on her partner. Rather a man being her partner can also use withdrawal process or the condoms. This is very effective method of pregnancy or more importantly can be said as an extra precautionary measure of pregnancy. It is better to use birth control method from the both sides rather than concentrating on a same side.  This reduces the risk on getting pregnant even if there is 1% chance.

Utility of Condoms

Condoms not only help in birth control, rather it helps a person to stay safe with regards to STDs or sexually transmitted diseases. Thus you are getting dual benefit after using this birth control method. You can now get more information from the various websites that deals with birth control as its subject matter. You can also speak to the expert and gynecologist who will speak about more options and positive as well as negative facts about the same.  Planned birth brings much more happiness in the face of couple and parents. Whereas unplanned birth brings distress which can even affect the health of a child.

Birth control pills for men

Not only has the market had variety of birth control pills for female. Rather, you can also get birth control pills for men. These pills normally contain desogerstrel. It is a synthetic hormone which combines the male hormone testosterone to control child’s birth. This is responsible for blocking the production of sperm in male body. But, due to this process you will not lose your male personality and sex drive as a normal person. You can take this pill on a regular basis.

According to the expert, male pills seems to be more effective than those of female pills. After a clinical trial, it has been proved that the men consuming the pills have dropped their sperm count to zero.  Even as compared to condoms, male pills will be more effective in the process of birth control. People have realized the failure rate of condoms by 14%.