Coping up with men’s urinary incontinence on day to day basis

Coping up with men’s urinary incontinence on day to day basis

Today, every 5 out of 10 men suffer from urinary incontinence. In order to get away from such phase, it becomes important to avail medical help. But, before going for a full fledged medical examination, it will be really important to take some common tips that can improve the symptoms.  Some of the tips are as follows:

Flexing muscles

Pelvic floor exercises or kegel can help getting relief from urinary incontinence symptoms. The muscle that appears around the bladder of men can be strengthening with the help of this wonderful exercise. But it is really important to do this exercise with caution; rather you need to flex the right muscle. In any case if you make an attempt of flexing the wrong muscle, this can give rise to increase pressure in muscle. One of the techniques to get the exercise right will be to squeeze the muscle which stops you from passing gas.

How to do it?

First of all, you need to tense your muscles for a period of three seconds and then relax for some time. Before you are accustomed with three sets, building up slowly will be an important consideration. You should dedicate time period of 15 minutes every day to carry on with this muscle exercise. Kegel can be done anywhere and anytime as even when you are in bed or at the time of urination. Even when you are at office or while watching television this can be easily done. Once the man with the problem of urinary incontinence starts practicing kegels, the result is expected in a period of three to six weeks.

Restrict caffeine and alcohol

According to many experts dealing with patients in the healthcare sectors, caffeine and alcohol are the two main ingredients that irritate the bladder. This can give rise to stimulation in urine production with an attempt of worsening urinary incontinence symptoms.  You will definitely make some difference after cutting of alcohol, coffee and tea from your diet.

Staying hydrated

You must drink adequate water in order to stay healthy without any symptoms of urinary continence. Some males have already gain success in getting out of the serious urinary incontinence problem just by drinking enough water. But, those males who drinks less water or have decreased consumption of water by time are really going to suffer for the rest of their life. As the concentration of urine in your bladder increase irritation in your bladder can be easily seen.

Treatment of constipation

It has been proved that constipation as well as urinary continence goes hand in hand. Even the nerves will be provided with negative effect and make the urinary continence worse. You must consume high fiber diet and treat your constipation. This will really help reducing your incontinence symptoms.

Stop smoking

Smoking is a very dangerous habit which can bring out variety of diseases. Many health cautious people are trying hard to quit cigarette completely. Another good reason to stop smoking completely is with an aim of eradicating urinary incontinence.

Losing weight

It is always good to lose some weight if you have gained in the due course. Since excess weight of an individual is ideal to increase pressure in abdomen, the problem of urinary incontinence will keep on increasing.  It is always advisable for you to shed some weight if you have put on weights in the due course.

Try avoiding the food which inculcates the symptoms

There are some food items which increases the symptoms of urinary continence in men. It is important to avoid such foods completely. If you have spicy and hot food in your lunch or dinner, try not to consume it. Rather, it will be better to have some light and healthy foods in place of it. You must avoid the citric food items such as tomatoes, etc. You must also avoid chocolate as it include artificial sweetener that is injurious for health.

Keep a note in diary

You must keep a track of the quantity of water and healthy food that you have consumed. Even check what your urine frequency is. If you are leaking urine from bladder, just check how often you are getting such an embarrassing situation.

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