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Urinary bleeding in men

Urinary bleeding in men

The condition where blood in urine can be seen in a male personality can be known as Hematuria. This can of two categories, microscopic and gross. The color of blood in such situation can vary from light pink color till dark red in appearance with clots.  In other the condition, amount of blood in the urine will be different. Type of conditions which is responsible for causing the problem is same and needs same type of treatment.

An individual suffering from Hematuria will be visiting their doctor with a primary complaint. On the other hand, it will not be quite easy to realize that a person is suffering from the microscopic hematuria.  If you only go ahead with periodic checking, microscopic hematuria will be found out.

Causes of urinary bleeding

Kidney stones

Due to formation of kidney stones, men can get bloody urine. When you have stone in kidney, you are suggested to drink plenty of water as well as other fluids. Sometimes due to excessive intake of painkillers, people can get bleeding while urinating.  Mostly the stones pass through the urinary system and thus extensive measures will be required. One of the treatments includes extracorporeal shock wave where sound waves are used to crash the stone. But, the side effects of it can lead to bleeding in urinary system.

Prostate enlargement

Just like the women suffers from overall problem at various age of life, men also suffers from the prostate problem after they crosses 50 years of age.  Due to prostate enlargement, people have to go through the surgery which can in turn give rise to the side effects. One of the side effects includes bleeding while urinating.

Infection in urinary tract

People suffer from urinary tract infection due to the effect of bacteria in the particular area. Doctor will prescribe for the urinary tract infection for some time according to the extent of infection. During the course, you may also suffer from the bleeding while urinating.

Blockage in urinary tract

There can be conditions when you suffer from blockage in urinary tract. While proceeding with the procedure of correcting the same, you can get affected with bleeding. You may face trouble while urinating after the procedure of blockage removal in your urinary tract. It may be healed with time but initially there can be bleeding while urination.

Kidney cancer

People suffering from Kidney cancer or bladder cancer suffer from variety of problems.  If you are having bleeding in your urinary system this can be a cause of kidney cancer. Even this can be a reason for kidney cancer. You must show your physician immediately to get full information about the treatment procedure. Proper diagnosis will be one of the best ways to cure any type of diseases. Kidney cancer will be eradicated with proper care, diagnosis and treatment procedure.

If you are suffering from urine cancer, you need to check the root cause by tests. Proper source of the disease will be a wonderful way to eradicate the problem of urinary bleeding.