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What are the types of prostatitis in men – Give some facts

What are the types of prostatitis in men - Give some facts

Today around 10 to 12 percent of people suffers from variety of symptoms of prostatitis. Men having their age limit less than 50 years suffer from the problem of Prostitatis. There is variety of categories in which this disease or the health condition is divided. Sometimes men suffering from chronic prostatitis may also not be in a position to realize that they are actually suffering from severe problem in prostate. You can either suffer from acute illness or chronic condition. It is important to go ahead with the proper diagnosis before going ahead with the treatment procedure.

Definition of prostatitis

As the name suggests, the term prostatitis is provided to an inflammation in the prostate gland. Varieties of causes are related to this type of diseases. It can be either due to inflammation in specific area or other related infectious causes. According to the survey, at some point of time in life, around 10% of male personality may come across this typical condition at some point of time in their life. Even in around 25% of physician’s office, genitourinary complaint is realized. In United States, around 2 million of people visits the outpatient urology practices.

Being the male reproductive organ, the prostate gland is sized as that of a walnut which is also positioned in the front position of the rectum or to be more specific just below the bladder. As we all know that urethra is a particular tube through which urine as well as semen exists from the body, prostate generally surrounds the same. The main function of the same is to produce the seminal fluid which also helps in transporting sperm from the urethra.

Causes of prostatitis

The causes of prostatitis include the bacteria that enter into the prostate gland from the urinary tract and from the lymphatic spread from the rectum. There are chances of some organisms can being transmittedsexually. Other causes include uric disorder, prostate stones, tumour, food allergy, yeast infection or a virus.  Any physical injury or problems with the nervous system one immune system in the body can be a cause to nonbacterial prostatitis.

Types of prostatitis in men

1. Acute Bacterial Prostatitis –  This is a rare type of  prostatitis the symptoms include fever, body ache, lower back pain , frequent urination accompanied with pain and burning and pain in the genital area. The white blood cells present in the urine indicate infection which can be treated by medical practitioners with antibiotic intravenous injections.

2. Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis – Chronic bacterial prostatitis is a defect in the prostate gland allowing bacterial to persist in the urinary tract. It is difficult to diagnose this type of prostatitis. The symptoms include blood in semen or urine and frequent urinary tract infections. It can be treated with a low dose of antibiotics given for about three months.

3. Prostate Enlargement is anenlarged prostate and the signs and symptoms are same as of prostate cancer but there is nofever the symptoms include weak urine stream, sleeplessness, and frequent urinary tract infections.

4. Asymptomatic Inflammatory Prostatitis may pass of without being diagnosed unless a doctor does an infertility test or a test for prostate cancer. There are   no symptoms of pain or discomfort.But this can gradually give rise to prostate cancer.

Treatment Options

  • Drug Therapies— Bacterial prostatitis can be cured by oral antibiotics, pain killers, and stoolsofteners.
  • Surgical Procedures are required in severe cases of acute bacterial prostatitis.
  • Complementary and Alternative Therapies– Some herbs, supplements and alternative medicines like homeopathy also help in treating prostatitis.

Nutrition and Supplements

  • Cernilton is an extract made from rye grass pollen that is foundto relieve symptoms of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis.
  • Quercetin is an antioxidant flavonoid that fights inflammation, and helpsin reducing pain and symptoms of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis.
  • Bromelain  has anti-inflammatory effects

All these supplements should be given under the guidance of a medical professional.  There can be many side effects of these supplements.