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How Prostatitis effect men? – Types of Prostatitis in men

How Prostatitis effect men - types of Prostatitis in men

Men start behaving like ostrich when it is related to heath care needs. They generally ignore their health like anything which is once again taken over by the women. They do not go to health checkups regularly to the doctors. But, without the proper checkups, it becomes really difficult to find out the types of health problems suffered by the male personalities. Some symptoms of the diseases are so hard to find out that you can hardly realize its symptoms. Thus, the best way will be to carry on with the regular checkup. With the change in lifestyle and mental awareness of gents belonging to certain age group, proactive attitude about the health will be another important factor.

Effect of different types

Since, Prostatitis has variety of forms, it is important to know about each types of Prostatitis in men and its effect. Some of them are as follows:

Acute bacterial prostatitis

This is the type of prostate infection in men which is caused due to sudden bacterial infection. People suffering from this problem can be easily diagnosed with the problem. Since this type of disease has typical signs and symptoms, people are bound to show this to a doctor. It is also known as a urinary tract infection which is backed by fever. Any age group of men can be affected with the acute bacterial prostatitis. Other symptoms of this disease include lower back pain, pain in abdomen or pelvic area etc. This prostatitis requires immediate treatment in the hospital with intravenous antibiotics, pain killers and fluids.  It can be fatal if left untreated as in extreme cases there is complete blockage of urine flow as this causes confusion and low blood pressure.

Chronic prostatitis

Another type of prostatitis problem in men is known as chronic prostatitis. It is quite similar to that of previous type of prostatitis. But, in this type of disease, the symptoms develop gradually and last for years. Even it is less severe as compared to previous type of disease. This is generally seen in men with young age as well as middle age.  The treatment includes low dose antibiotics for about three months.

Pelvic pain syndrome

It is also quite common variety of prostatitis but no one would be in the state to know the exact cause of this condition. The root of this disease can be the persistent infection found in men. Sometimes inflammation in the pelvic muscle as well as spasm can also be some of the major causes of this disease. But surprisingly an individual going through this physical condition include pain in his genital area. If he is going for sex, he may also face pain during ejaculation. He may also face the pain after ejaculation.

Inflammatory prostatitis

This is quite simple to diagnose as the inflammation of the prostate is one of the symptoms of inflammatory prostatitis. In many cases evidence of inflammation has been found in due regard. If you perform a biopsy, it will be quite easily to diagnose the patient with inflammatory prostatitis.

Effect and treatment

Men suffering from such disorder will definitely face restlessness as an integral part of his body is in trouble. He will also face difficulty while performing the sexual act. Proper diagnosis as well as treatment is important at a very early stage so that no fatalities are found in the patient.

The bacterial forms of prostatitis are treated with antimicrobials.

Home Remedies for prostatitis

  • The herb saw palmetto is commonly used in Germany as the best long term treatment for prostatitis that is not cancerous. It relieves the problems of painful urination, inflammation and dribbling and helps to revive the lost sex drive
  • Golden seal is one the most powerful antibiotic for killing the bacteria of prostatitis. It helps to shrink the swelling prostate and soothes the urinary tract.
  • Lycopene is an ingredient extracted from the tomato. It works as a powerful antibiotic to reduce dribbling and prevents prostate cancer.