How to understand Gemini woman

How to understand Gemini woman


The Gemini Women are fun and carefree. They bring a breath of fresh air into your life and they try to find someone who has a lot of freedom to offer. They do not appreciate clingy people and any relationship where they feel smothered. They can come out of any adverse and emotional situation very quickly. They do not sit and wait till someone comes to their aid. You will find them making fun of the situation in no time and they also find solution for such situations fast. You will find Natalie Porman, Angelina Jolie or Heidi Klum are from this sun sign. These women are born with the twin sign and have two sides to them. They can be carefree and yet you may find them getting real serious over some aspect.

Dual personality makes her work more:

You will find that this zodiac sign is depicted with the picture of twins named Castor and Polydeuces. This is the basis for knowing a Gemini woman who is always a dualist. She has a nature by which she can display different traits of her personality. She is not satisfied with one kind of work and often can be happy with multi tasking. Her thoughts keep on focusing on different things at the same time.

Passionate woman:

She is a passionate person and you will find that she has a curious trend of mind. The Gemini woman is never a dominant person and she hates boredom. The intellectual stimulation is very important for her. The ever changing projects take up her focus and she puts all her energy to complete each one with finesse. You will find it a challenge to tie her down to one single thing. She is also very romantic and loves to show her passionate side.

Curiosity and query:

The woman with Twins as the zodiac sign will ask question on everything that stirs her imagination. The air element of this sign feed her intelligence. She is a debater and a conversationalist who can tear the opponent down easily. She is vivacious and she notices things easily. She will find out if you are not interested in a particular thing and still showing interest. She is full of life and if you are with her, you will find your environment to be all fun and color.

Skills in flirting:

She is the master of the flirting game and you must be a good flirt for wooing her. The love banters must be enjoyable and make way for ‘comeback’ ways. She responds well if she finds you to be hard to get. That’s a challenge she accepts and works on. She never takes relationships very seriously and she always wants that fun streak within a relationship to be important. She will need a lot of space if you want commitment in the relationship. Don’t try the possessive part but try to fly with her whenever it is in her chart.

Sociable and fun loving:

This is a fun loving hostess. She will entertain all her guests with grace and a shake of laughter. The silver cutlery in her household will be there for you as she turns on her charm with witty conversation. She can work her charm on everyone. Your boss or the peon in your office – both can find it difficult to say no to her. She is full of dreams and you will be in her good book if you can share her range of dreaming capacity. She loves to gather knowledge and will never show off to others. She is also attracted to gossip and loves humor. She needs to laugh and you will win her if you are good at amusing her. She will love positive attitudes.

Make sure that you are not overly possessive as she will not bat an eyelid on your out of the way behavior. She will speak her mind to you at any point of her life and beliefs that you will speak to her directly on the thing in your mind. She respects your independence and is a good partner if you want intellectual understanding from her. She is logical and aloof at times. That is because she may be trying to solve a different problem. She hates monotonous life and you will be her pal if you can plan ahead. She is team player and loves to create beautiful things in a group.

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