Tricks and Ideas to make her feel like a woman

Tricks and Ideas to make her feel like a woman

tricks to make her women

In the earlier days of our studies, our science signs “Like Poles Repel Each Other and Unlike Poles Attract”, we don’t know practically how this formula came out but everyone learn or taught it theoretically. Of course coming to human beings sometimes like poles also attract, whatever it may be lets go through how unlike poles attract each other and what are the tricks and tips to make attraction to one “Unlike Pole” and how other one get attracted.

Coming to a clear picture, here unlike poles is nothing but one is “SHE” and the other is as usual “HE”, no how these two poles attract.

Talking to girls\boys will be described as fun, passion and even fashion now to days, the most prestigious thing people, particularly young will feel now a day is to say proudly “I have a Girl Friend\Boy Friend.

Ok let’s see how A boy can Get a girl attention and to make her feel like a women.

Be active

Most of the girls will like the boys who are active more than attractive. So try to make her to concentrate on you with your active activities.

Try to be yourself always and be confident while talking to girl and even trying to flirt her.

Be right at your “Look”

In order to attract a girl and to make her feel like a woman the basic thing boys should do is

Try to be a modern guy with attractive wear; don’t use any old model clothes which will surely affect your work.

Keep your face clean always with neat shave and Smell nice and look clean by showering or bathing regularly.

Try to maintain a body with good and broad muscles, because most of the girls like guys who have developed muscles.

Try to show your good manners

Most of the girls will like people who are more polite.

In order to get girl’s attention to provide good manners like “respecting girls” before her, speaking politely to all etc.

Helping someone also will turn girl’s concentration towards you.

Smile and talk a lot

Smile always and start talking by cracking some jokes which make her to need your company a lot and she should feel bore if you are away.

If you have your own life I mean, well settled position, it helps you a lot to get a good impression.

Be a hero always, like if she has some worries and problems, don’t say directly “I will help you”, just try to ask her about the scenario and talk to her and acknowledge her what to do and how to do, tell what you can do to her, so that it pays a more attention on you.

Compliment her a lot

Give a good compliments which are really good and don’t try to flirt unnecessarily,

Make come compliments on her smile, eyes, lips, style, hair, and appearance.

Be a good friend and don’t try to make any unnecessary thing like touching her barrier etc, it will hurt her a lot and results in negative attention on you.

Be sensitive on her feelings and give full attention to talk and make her to feel special.

Don’t try to talk for hour’s give her chance to talk more.

Surprise her with new and attractive gifts without crossing your pocket boundary; try to make her day special with flowers.

Be respectful and don’t try to tease her lot which may hurt.

Be honest always which make her to attain her complete attention on you.

Finally we need to understand “One should feel good when someone Love them, feel better when someone misses them, but they should feel best that somebody never forget them”

If you have ever had a night out with a woman who made you feel like a true man, it would have made you feel like you want to conquer mountains for her. Right? When you notice what she has done for you, it would make you want to do something for her in return. If you decide to make her feel like a woman, she would reciprocate and in fact, behave a bit differently towards you.

Protect her at all times

Protect her from all the negative emotions that she might experience. You can remind her of the nice things she might have forgotten about and make her feel special. Till then, she would feel aimless and not know what to think of. Of course, you should not keep minimising her concerns and worries. Otherwise, she might think that you are oppressing her.

Make her feel alive

Take making your woman feel like one seriously. Help her be free of judgements such as when you are openly feminine. Get caught up in those moments when she can feel excited about some things. Try performing certain activities with her such as scuba diving or planting a seed together and watching it grow. All these things will make her feel alive.

Leave your door ajar

Let your woman know that the door to your man cave is always open to her. Of course, you also have some right to withdraw into your man cave whenever you feel dejected. However, it does not mean that you should shut your woman out of it when you feel that way since you never know when she might feel hurt or need your support.

Rent a suite for the weekend

Take her out to a nice hotel for the weekend. Rent a suite. Help her get away from all the din and noise of the city. Order room service and some food. Take a bubble bath together and give her all your attention.

Send her to a fancy spa

Book a babysitter and let her enjoy a day at a fancy spa. From scrubs to massages to Reiki, spas would pamper your woman fully. In fact, she can forget all her worries for one entire day. When she returns home to you, she would be extremely content she spent a day this way.

Strawberries and champagne

Take your woman out to one of the nature parks near your house and serve her strawberries and champagne. Of course, make it a point to carry a picnic basket too with you.

Run her a bubble bath

If you would like her to enjoy herself without any disturbance, draw up a nice bubble bath for her. Float some rose petals if you want on top of the bathwater. Make use of matching bubbles and scented candles.

Book a manicure-pedicure session

Manicures and pedicures are both relaxing as well as functional. For the woman who takes care of the entire house and the kids, it is impossible to find the time to take care of herself.

Give her a foot massage at home

Give her a foot massage at the comfort of your home. Rub her feet with some lime juice since it can easily remove the dead skin cells from her feet. Then, begin to massage her foot with a scrub.

Breakfast in bed

Pamper her a lot. Serve her breakfast in bed and make her feel that you are a thoughtful person. Only, do it in such a way that she does not have any inkling that you are trying to whip her up a nice breakfast.

Give her some yoga lessons

If you know yoga, you can give her some yoga lessons. Alternatively, try watching some yoga videos on the internet and then, demonstrate those yoga positions to her. She will be surprised you took so much care to learn and teach her them.

Think like you’re in college

Talk to her like you used to back in the day. While people have forgotten what college life was like, try to remind her of them so that she will see your creative side. Moreover, this will help you open up a conversation with her.

Ignore your phone at home

Keep your phone away for some time while you are at home. Even if your phonebook is filled with several numbers, let the phone stay in the silent mode for a few hours so that you can spend some time with your woman.

Give her some advice

This may sound weird but give her some advice to make her feel valued. Your woman would love to take part in your life. Some men think, “When she is not interested in my life or job, why should I share my experiences with her?” However, that is not true at all. Women would like to know more about your life and ideas that you would like to share with them. So, make it a point to share them with her.

Tell her how she makes you feel

Telling her how exactly she makes you feel will make her feel special. She will appreciate you for being honest with her. Moreover, she will thank you for appreciating her and will always be there for you when you need her.

Be yourself

Men try to show that they are manly and strong. Never do this before your woman since she would feel like you are obsessed only with yourself and that you do not care about her. Instead, be yourself and show her how much you love and appreciate her. This will also go to show that you are comfortable with yourself and she will feel more comfortable with you.


Make her feel like she is a Goddess rather than just like a woman. Share your thoughts and ideas with her.Of course, it does not mean that you should share anything and everything with her such as your thoughts about other women, your exes or anything else that is inappropriate.

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