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How to treat men with dehydrated body?

How to treat men with dehydrated body?

Our body gets dehydrated due to lack of water and moisture content. This takes place generally during the summer season when the extreme weather condition dries up everything along with the water content under the skin layers. Losing body fluid is not a good sign. You need to consume adequate water in order to fulfill the fluid that is lagging. Due to head of the summer season, the water inside your body is consumed more than that has been consumed. Thus, people needs to consume more water in summer season than what he usually intakes.

It is true that, people lose water everyday which evaporates from the body in the form of water vapor. It also evacuates from the body in form of our excretion such as sweats and urine. Along with sweat, good amount of salt present in our body is also lost. You need to replace the salt so that your body gets back the hydrated solution.

Treating men with dehydrated body

Salt and sugar water

For year’s human being have been treating a solution of salt and sugar as a perfect solution of dehydration in their body. There is a process of making this solution. You must take a glass of water and add half spoon of salt in it and one spoon of sugar. Mix it really well with the spoon; keep on mixing it so long the sugar does not get dissolved. Not a single sugar granule should be present in the solution.

Fruit juices

You can now find variety of fruit juices in the market. You need to get some juicy fruits such as oranges, lemon etc and get a wonderful juice out of it. Use a juicer and make the fruit juice. You can either prepare a simple fruit juice with the help of any one juice fruit or can make a mixture of variety of fruits together to prepare a perfect mixed fruit juice.  You can also add  a small amount of sugar as well as salt to make it more delighted.


If you are travelling in an area where sun rays are maximum, it is important to carry an umbrella so that the sun rays doesn’t falls on you directly leaving your skin tanned and make your tired. The skin color will also become dark and clumsy due to excessive exposure to sun rays. Little amount of Vitamin D is good for health but not in excess. Thus, you need to avoid it under the umbrella.

Safe drinking water

Consuming water on a regular basis and that too in loads is important to eradicate dehydration. You must consume at least 8 glasses of water every day so that you don’t get dehydrated during the summer season that too due to the excess heat.

Lemon water

Lemon is one of the wonderful natural ingredients that not only pulls you out from dehydrated condition but also helps in making your refreshed and rejuvenated. You must drink lemon water once in every day in the afternoon to eradicate dehydration.