Top winter skin care tips for men

Top winter skin care tips for men

top winter skin care tips for men

Winter is the season that must be enjoyed.  In reality, most of the men do not feel happy with the winter season. This is because of the effect it produces on your skin. Whatever may be your skin type, winter does its trick one or the other way for your skin. In order to get rid of the skin problems, that mainly occur in winter, you should have precautionary measures in hand, to tackle it. Before moving on with the winter care tips exclusive for men, one should understand the possible skin problems that can occur due to winter.

Winter winds hit all the people with no difference. In the case of women, they are winter ready with their own regimen and how about the men’s daily skin care in the winter months! Check the below tips to make your male skin good and great.

Skin problems in Winter

One of the most common skin problem faced not by men but also by women and children are dry skin. Dry skin leaves patchy layers on the skin which looks embarrassing. There are many reasons for having skin problems in winter. It may be due to harsh wind, sun rays in winter, cold and dry air combination, sensitive skin and lack of moisture. There is also a fact that hot drinks can cause dryness and itchiness to skin during winter. Some of the most common skin problems faced by men in winter are

  • Dry skin
  • Itchy skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Harsh skin tone
  • Chapped skin
  • Sun burn
  • Cracked skin
  • Redness

Winter skin care tips for men

Cleanse your skin

For some men it is prevalent to have oily skin though it is winter season. Formation of excess oil over the skin leads to clogging of pores. It may prevent the razor from a smooth finish. So prefer to use a creamy cleanser on your face before moving on with shaving process.

Lather and rinse it

According to dermatology experts men should have the easy body cleansers that gives them lather at fast as they don’t like to cope with using any feminine bathing products like a loofah. Follow your daily cleaning regimen through out the winter too but add it a moisturizing product and make sure it doesn’t spread grand perfume that is known well to irritate the skin. Buy a pharmacy product instead of a cosmetic one.


In the winter season there will be low production of skin cells but it doesn’t mean to reduce the nurture. One have to exfoliate their skin for once in a week which is a least case option, you can also go with twice a week option to remove out those dead skin cells build up on the skin. This way you can help to reduce the future skin problems like irritation and the production of increased oil. It also reduces the ingrown hairs and helps for a closer shave.


Moisturizing is key through out the year and is too vital when the winds are turning chill and temperatures grounding down. Go with a high quality moisturizing cream or lotion that can save from robbing the moisture from the skin in the day long. Application of moisturizer gives an immediate result of tight and youthful skin, it helps to prevent the aging factors in the forth. Most probably you don’t get  an idea of protecting skin from the winter season sun rays but yes they can touch you though it is the season of cold. So try to get a bottle of moisturizer that also encompasses SPF rating.


Before you are going to arm with a razor, splash your face with luke warm water and clean your face. It will help to open the winter skin pores. After that apply a shaving gel, cream or mousse inorder to make your shaving process easier. This is simple way to get a closer shave and also to get smoother skin.

Switch from the usual deodorant

Many men feel a kind of underarm irritation and discomfort during the winter season it may be a result of due to harsh deodorant. So switch from the usual deodorant to a one that is containing non-allergic ingredients.

In order to avoid all the above types of skin problems, here are some of the useful remedies and tips that keep your skin as fresh as garden apples.

  • Spend Less Time on Bathing – Yes, a brief bathing keeps your skin unaffected by the winter wind. While bathing, use Luke warm water in the place of cold water for avoiding rough skin layer. Also, make a practice to use moisture rich soaps that helps you in keeping your skin moistening and prevents itching. Too much and aggressive bathing leaves your skin dry and lifeless in winter.
  • Wear Comfortable Clothes – Do not wear any clothes that make your skin uncomfortable. Use the type of clothes that gives a soft touch to the layer of your skin. Any breathless clothes make your skin suffer from various skin problems. Tight fitted jeans and itchy woolens make your skin condition worst. Allow the skin to be free which helps in getting a fresh air.
  • Stress Free Winter – Stress is never a good thing for your skin. Hence leave out any stress that gives you a pressurized feel inside. Now, how does stress is related to skin? There are studies which states that emotional stress causes psoriasis. Some of the best ways to relieve stress are interacting with the closed ones, yoga, and exercises and walking.
  • Always go for a Healthy Diet – A healthy diet keeps both the inside and the outside of the body fresh and alive. Eat as much as fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamins. Fruits such as avocado, carrot and water melon keep your skin shiny. Avoid fried and oily items. It may lead to pimple formation in winter. Also, drink plenty of water as you can to keep skin lively.
  • Avoid Make Ups–Winter is the time to leave your skin undisturbed. Any chemical rich ingredients on your skin are going to make your skin condition worse. Hence avoid experimenting with new products for your skin at winter. Less make up prevents any break out or chapping of skin.
  • Consult with Doctor – If you feel that you have caught the symptoms of psoriasis, it is better to consult the dermatologist regarding this. The earlier you go the lesser will be the intensity of spreading of psoriasis on other parts. Hence seek expert advice if your skin problems get worse.
  • Gloves and Socks –Your hands and legs are the most exposed part to the ruthless winter winds. Hence cover your hands and legs with gloves and socks. Look for a good quality material as low quality socks and gloves makes skin itchy. Cotton is the most preferred type of fabric that doesn’t cause any allergy for most of the skin type.
  • Honey Mask – In order to avoid dry skin in the easier manner, go for honey mask. Since honey has got some excellent properties, it treats your skin easily from any problems. Apply honey all over the affected area and leave it undisturbed for at least 20 minutes. Wash it off with warm water. This makes your skin supple and soft enough. Since honey is rich in anti-bacterial properties, it prevents any kinds of rashes and allergies to skin.
  • Sun Screen Lotions – Sun screen lotions are another important tip for winter. Even though sun lights in winter is much lesser than summer, sun screen is essential for people who have sensitive skin. Sun screen lotions protect your skin against harmful rays and give an additional layer to your skin.
  • For Lips – If you have chapped lips in winter and try the option of licking your lips to get rid of it, it is not going to work. Licking your lips makes the chapping even worse. Instead of licking, apply Shea butter to the lips for smoother and supple lips.
  • Drink Plenty of Water – Drinking plenty of water is the best way to keep your skin alive. One should not forget that beauty starts from inside. Hence, have the habit of drinking excess water in order to prevent your body from getting dehydrated. This is because dehydration is one of the major reasons for skin problem during winter. Even if you don’t feel thirsty often in winter, there is no other go but to drink at least 5 liters of water every day to keep your skin fit.
  • Avoid Peeling – One common mistake many people do is to peel off the dry skin. This will lead to additional skin problems. If your skin gets peeled off, simply apply coconut oil to it. This reduces the intensity of peeling and day by day the peeling of skin stops naturally.
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