Top reasons for hair fall in men and natural prevention tips for hair loss

Top reasons for hair fall in men and natural prevention tips for hair loss

hair loss prevention
Hair loss is one of the serious problem many men are facing now-a-days, though they haven’t crossed the borders of thirty’s they are finding themselves bald heads. In men loss of hair is mainly due to hormonal factors and some of the other common reasons are stress, deficiency in nutritional products, dandruff, excessive oiliness scalp, long term illness, imbalance in thyroid, also due to hair damage procedures like hair coloring, hair dyeing, perming,bleaching, straightening etc.
Let us see what causing the rapid hair fall and the measures to prevent it.

The loss of hair is of four types

1. Due to physical and emotional trauma the hair growth is stopped and the fall out takes place. It will continue until the person recover mentally and physically.
2. If you are facing hair loss that is steady then it all due to the insufficient nutrients like iron, zinc and biotin. To increase the quantity of proteins and nutrients you have to eat spinach, eggs and fruits in large amounts.
3. A small bald patch appears on many men’s scalp, well it is due to the genetics and stress – according to dermatology doctors. Corticosteroid based medicines will treat the problem.
4. Big round bald patch, If the bald patch is big it is probably because of a fungal infection ‘Tinea Capitis’. This infection is harmful to hair follicles and using anti fungal shampoo like Nizoral would cures the problem.

Suggestions and preventive steps

Have a good diet
Hair is formed with the protein keratin, when the keratin encounters low proteins it decreases the formation and eventually leads to less hair. If there is availability of high amount proteins, it won’t divide the big scale to cells rebuilding and hence it guides for the better hair growth.SO mingle your diet with spinach, paneer, milk products, almonds, nuts like walnuts etc.
Healthy life style
Men and women are equally racing in this business world and not showing their precise nurture towards their diet and lifestyle. It’s making them in getting the kind of hair problems too. Being busy and entering into stress maze is giving rise for the production of huge androgens.  The increase in the level of androgens lift up the hair fall causing agent DHT.
Avoid smoking and alcohols
Smoking affects not small and less, they affects lungs, kidneys and also cope up in tremendous hair fall too. The ingredient nicotine narrow downs the blood vessels which inturn stops the growing of fresh hair.While smoking the content of oxygen is decreases and carbon monoxide is increases, whether you know it or not oxygen is major nutrient for the hair growth.
Alcohols don’t allow the supply of iron to the body amidst the nutrient zinc is absorbed and also stops the body to retrieve the nutrients required for the functioning of body organs
Vitamins to be consumed
Eat wheat, egg yolk, dairy products and oats to increase the zinc nutrient. Cashew nuts, Milk and banana will provide you magnesium, so keep adding them to diet quota. If you take orange, soya beans, spinach, chicken,broccoli and fish then Omega3, B3, B5, B9 vitamins will follow you. Cereals, grains, fish, fresh leafy vegetables and beans contains the rich amount of iron and it strengthens the body and hair.
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