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Top home remedies to treat the hangover in Men

home remedies to cure the hangover in men

With every coming occasion such as Christmas, New Year etc, the party mood gets boost up in every individual. Many people also becomes out of control after drinking heavy alcohol. This can give rise to many problems such as headaches, dizziness, muscle ache, vomiting, sensitivity to sound etc. You can now come out from such handovers through some effective home remedies. Your night may be lovely and cheerful but the next morning becomes a nightmare as a result of such hangover. In order to overcome such situation, you need to avail some effective home remedies.

Hangover can be very common to men as they are seen to have consumed alcohol more than women. There are other reasons for getting hangover, but having excessive alcoholic beverage is one of the prime reasons behind it. If you have drunk the day before, the next day morning may not be as beautiful as always. You might get headache with discomfort and dizziness. The fun will actually become a nightmare the next day morning. You can also get irritation in your body along with muscle ache due to over intake of alcohol. But there are some natural and home remedies to get away from such nightmare and hangover. Let us find out some below.

List of best home remedies for hangover

Apples and bananas

If you can consume some raw fruits such as apples, you can easily get over of the hangover. The crunchy fruit salads made up of bananas and apples is another way to reduce the hangover of parties. According to the experts, if you are suffering from headache due to hangover, having an apple in empty stomach will provide you fast relief. You can also have a banana shake with a teaspoon of honey to get fast relief from this situation. Along with making your nerves and stomach relax, honey present in fruit will help in resuming the blood sugar which you have lost in the due course. Essential minerals required for your body such as potassium will be retained by banana.


For years people have been using ginger to treat nausea as well as sea sickness. Today, people also take it as an effective home remedy to overcome hangover. The alcohol present in your body can be dissolved and digested easily with the help of ginger. Your stomach will also very soothing after consuming ginger.

You can either chew the raw ginger or drink the juice after boiling raw ginger. For this you need 10- 12 slices of ginger in around 1 liter of water. Keep it in boiling condition for ten minutes. In order to make it tasty, you can also add the juice of one orange in the boiling water. You can also add ½ cup of honey and ½ cup of lemon to the preparation. This is really helpful in stabilizing the blood sugar and takes you away from hangover.


It is quite easy to get honey in Indian kitchen. This is the simplest way to eradicate the harmful effect of alcohol in your body. It neutralizes the effect of alcohol in your body due to the presence of fructose in it. Honey is also a wonderful ingredient that helps in digestion of alcohol. There is also a perfect procedure of consuming honey to remove hangover. You need to take about 2-3 tablespoon of honey after every one hour so that the alcohol inside your body gets digested easily.


If you want a sure fire way of eradicating alcohol, drinking tons of water will be really effective. Just drink a glass of water before going to bed and drink other after getting up from the bed and see the difference.

Top home remedies to treat hangover


One of the quick solution of hangover after you have drunk a lot the day before is lemon. The citric acid in lemon and the sour taste will help you get up from the state of hangover. You need to take a glass of water and squeeze has lemon in it. Simply drink it and get recovery from the stage of hangover.

Tomato soup

The tangy taste of tomato soup will also work well in keeping you away from the hangover situation. You have to make soup with fresh tomato with addition of ginger and other spice and let the person with the problem of hangover to drink. It will work absolutely well in treating your health condition.


Another quick remedy of hangover is none other than the ice. Since during the recovery stage of hangover you face excessive headache, all you have to do is take ice bag and put some ice in it. Now apply the ice compress over your head. If you don’t have ice bag, you can use a plastic bag or a towel.

Orange juice

If oranges are available at your home, you can also use them to treat the condition of hangover. You need to Take a single orange and make a juice out of it by adding some salt. Make the person to have it and see the difference. If you can consume orange as a fruit without smashing it, it will be a better option. If the orange is little sour in taste, that will be better as the sour taste of it will help the person to get away from the stage of hangover.

Green tea

By now most of the people must be aware that the green tea has variety of its benefits with regards to the health of a person. The oxidants that are present in your body can be one of the reasons behind the hangover. You can now have green tea and remove the oxidants as the green tea has good amount of anti oxidants in it. You can drink green tea in the morning to stay away from the situation of hangover.  There are tea bags which can be dipped in hot water and drank without much trouble. Try it today to get fast result.