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What are the top threats in men health?

What are the top threats in men health?

Two babies were born in UK among which one is male and the other is a baby girl. According to the scientist, the boy is going to live for 78.1 years where as the girl is going to live till she becomes 82.1 years old.  Not only this, there are many women as well as females withy variety of age group who tends to live long as compared to man.  Many researchers have found out that threats in men health are quite higher than that of female.  Following are the list of threats that men faces throughout.

Top health threats in men

High blood pressure

This has become quite common in men today who have faced the problem of high blood pressure. This can lead to damage of arteries. You must make sure that you are not one of them in this regard. Proper check up is required and treatment must be preceded.

Cardiac arrest and heart attack in men

Many people have heart problem from very young age. The reason might not be known to even them. You need to find out the reason today with proper diagnosis. This can also lead to risk in life of the individual. If anyone in your family already have the problem of heart attack, you must take precautionary measure from very beginning.

High cholesterol

Change in lifestyle of man has affected each individual with variety of dangerous diseases.  You might have consumed variety of fast food throughout your life. This will also affect the body and other vital factors of the body. If you have crossed 20 years of age, other vital factors in your body will be affected due to high cholesterol level.

Diabetes in Men

Today, men suffer from much type of diseases one of which is high blood sugar level. This can turn to diabetes in men. People have a conception that, if excess amount of sugar is consumed, high blood sugar level will be turned on. You can also know about the causes of diabetes and ways to prevent it in the long run.

Prostate disease

Men have a tendency to develop prostate disease when they grow old. It is important to find out about how often you require the rectal exam. If you do not proceed with the medical examination, this can easily give rise to prostate cancer. Some people suffering from prostate cancer survives where as other do not. Even if some people survive with prostate cancer, they probably suffer a lot due to the disease.

Lung cancer

Some people also suffer from the problem of lung cancer. This can be due to their smoking habit. Today, even the teen age boys suffer from very serious disease when they grow a man. Lung cancer is very critical when you face its dreaded situation.  You must avoid smoking immediately so that lung cancer is not been inflicted in your life at some point of time or the other. You must go to the doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment today.