Top foods which contain high amount of zinc for men health

best zinc rich foods for men health

The presence of zinc in the body is significant for the proper functioning of the system, though it is required in the small amounts one must search for this trace mineral as it available only at few selected food items. So here is a list of ingredients where you can get the zinc.

Foods which contain high amount of zinc for men health

Egg Yolk

Might you were retaining distance from the egg yolks due to because of the high cholesterol content in it. How ever, taking sufficient amount in a regular manner helps to load the zinc quantity.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds comes with many minerals, especially the mineral zinc present in the sesame seeds made it one of the healthiest choices to choose for.


The bright sea source oysters are one of the good sources of zinc mineral, it is always great to add sea foods to your plate in order to peck many other essential minerals.


Munching peanuts is a simple way to indulge with zinc, but it is not recommended for the people who are allergic with it. Also it is suggested to prefer boiled but neither  the fried nor salted.

Beef liver

Not just the liver of beef is good to your health, one can rely on any kind of liver to grab the array of nutrients but when your search is deep on the zinc go with consuming beef liver.


Garlic, the powerful source of anti-fungal properties is a also a greatest contributor of the zinc amount. So add them to your cuisines and soups to spice up the flavor and to absorb zinc amount as well.

Red Meat

Lamb and beef are the extra-ordinary sources of zinc quantities. Men can also rely on the lean red meat in order to get the additional pack of proteins.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds, one of the store houses of omega-3 fatty acids also offer you rich zinc amount.

Kidney beans

Kidney beans belongs to the family of beans are one of the dried legumes you can consume to get the zinc mineral. As they consist of high fats do not consume more, a limited amount is always beneficial.


Not just the crabs but any kind of seafood is a potent source of zinc. But while moving with additional amount and high priority crabs takes the big bet in serving rich amount of zinc. Consume the roasted and grilled crab meat in order to regulate your testosterone levels.


The leafy green veggie known for its health supply of calcium and vitamin K is also your choicest to get the zinc and iron amounts

Dark chocolate

Who wouldn’t love to give a chocolate byte if it is offering the essential zinc amount besides the perks of calming the nerves and lightening the mood.

Pumpkin seeds

Next time you are done using the flesh of the pumpkin remember to store the pumpkin seeds rather than throwing them out, these are one of the incredible sources of zinc. As it is free from calories one can simply munch on it with no refrain.