Top foods to reduce hair fall-for men

Top foods to reduce hair fall-for men

Specialists and doctors say hair fall is a very common phenomenon of everyone’s life. Hair fall at everyday basis is the falling of the old hair, but if the number increases day by day it is an alarm that this hair fall is due to a grave cause. So, have a check if you can notice any problem in your hair. Hair problem in men are very common. So, when this problem arises in men they try to prevent this by using all natural ingredients and artificial products by different companies. Good quality and quantity of hair gives you a handsome and attractive look. You can look much younger and appealing with stylish hair styles. The main reason of hair fall is the lack of nutrients in our body. Hair colouring and frequent hair styling is another cause of
hair fall. If you have an improper diet and lifestyle, this can cause hair fall rapid and large in number. Hormonal changes can cause massive hair fall problem. Dandruff and other scalp problem can cause hair fall problem. Thyroid and stress can also cause problem of massive hair fall.

Don’t freak out while you are losing the hair, hair loss is a general sign of falling the old hair. But if the situation is turning quirk some and if you are getting comb back with hair filled then you need to take extra care to stop the hair fall.

Top foods to reduce hair fall for men

Vitamin A

The good amount of vitamin A consumption will heads to deal in the increase of cells and it promotes the growth of tissues in the entire body along with the scalp and hair. One can get the vitamin A by rely on two houses of sources, one is plant based food and another is animal  based food. If you are vegetarian and looking for the proper food for the hair health, then get the red, orange and yellow fruits, veggies like carrots, and green leafy vegetables. You can dig the vitamin A from the animal sources like eggs, fish oil, liver and fortified milk.

Vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid

Hemoglobin which carries the oxygen from lungs to various body tissues will have the excellent formation with the adequate add up of B vitamin. When there is good shuttle for the oxygen and the blood, hair growth will be healthy.You can consider the vitamin B6 and B12 sources like protein based foods: meat, chicken, fish, eggs, pork and soybeans. The source houses of folic acid are leafy vegetables, avocado, wheat germ, orange juice, broccoli, beets, and some other fortified cereals.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is having the property of producing collagen, Collagen holds the tissues in the body together and also the hair tissues. In the human body vitamin C never stay for long time periods, so skip to eat a lot of vitamin C including items at a particular day. Well, try to eat them daily for the effective results. The best sources of vitamin C from the plant sources are peppers, oranges, melons, berries, tomatoes and dark green leafy vegetables.


Zinc plays a vital role for the production of the cells, growth of the tissues and their repair. Zinc maintains the oil secretion glands that are attached to the hair follicles. The deficiency of zinc calls for the hair fall and dandruff problems. The sources of zinc when it comes to animal foods are shrimp, seafood, mussels, poultry and oysters. Eggs and milk also consists little amounts of zinc. When it comes to whole grain products zinc is consisted in  nuts, seeds and legumes.

Drink plenty of water

For the proper function of the every system and cell in the body, water is having never ending role. Don’t stop using the water for just giving rinse for hair where as drink plenty of water for the healthy hair and to Hydrate the body. Rapid hair fall may attack for the people who are been into fast track weight loss programs.

Concentrate on daily diet

Daily diet is the main factor for the healthy and strong hair, so while you are consuming the food items, think whether they are healthy or not. Add the best for the new strong hair. Reach to the vitamin boxed and hair happy food.

Take Necessary Steps to Stop Hair Fall

Hair is our asset and the secret of beauty. So, follow few regular ways to have a better hair. Always try to use wide toothed comb to comb your hair. Always comb your hair slowly. This will reduce the rate of hair fall. Do not immediately comb the hair if it is wet. The roots are weak when the hair is wet, and will break off easily if it is combed. Never use a dirty comb, it can cause infection. Also another thing to keep in mind is to rub the wet hair slowly; this will reduce the frequency of hair fall. Use slightly heated coconut oil on your scalp and length, and massage for sometimes with gentle hands. Minimize the use of chemical products for your hair; these products can cause unrecoverable damage to your precious hair. Keep your hair clean to stop hair fall. Have a hair wash after two days. Men do different hair styling now-a-days. So, if you have a habit of using rubber bands, or doing a tight ponytail stop it at once, to save your hairs from falling. Try different process to have good amount and quality hair. But intake vitamin C, vitamin E, proteins, fatty acids etc to retain the result. Food like lean meat, soy, fish can help in hair fall problem.

Take Proper Care of the Inside of Your Body to Stop Hair Fall

The hectic and stressful lifestyle can cause hair fall. Now men are busy in their office and other work and cannot take sufficient care of their hair. Take proper food supplements to keep hair fall in control. Serve the platter with vegetables of all colours to have a balanced diet, but food supplements should balance your diet too. Almonds are very good for hair and also minimize the hair fall in men. Almonds are rich in vitamin E which promotes hair growth, and helps to stop hair fall. This also prevents split ends, and help in growth of good quality hair. Almonds are rich in proteins and iron. Now keratin which the hair is made up of is made of protein. So, you can possess good quality hair. Almonds have iron which produces haemoglobin which transports the oxygen to different body parts. Oats gives us sufficient supply of minerals, magnesium and potassium. These are very much essential for the growth of hair. This can be tried by you and you will get a good result in controlling your hair fall problem. Next product for hair control is the food items made of whole wheat. Include this in your diet if you are serious in preventing your hair loss. These whole
wheat food products contain silica and iron which helps in keeping the hair follicles healthy. Soybeans should also be included in your diet. Soybeans are rich in iron and vitamin E. This is too good for hair fall
and hair loss problem. Iron helps in proper supply of blood and vitamin E helps in growth of good quality of hair. Fish is a great source of protein. Fishes like salmon, herring, cod, mackerel and sardines contains lots of omega-3-fatty acid, which helps in betterment of the skin and good for hair shaft and the to keep the scalp hydrated. The omega acids also lessen the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure which is one of the root causes of hair loss. Fish oil is one of the best nourishment of the hair. It gives a natural lustre and shine to the hair. This fish oil is also a natural conditioner which is directly absorbed by the scalp.

Solutions for Men Having Hair Loss

Men in hair loss problem can also take fish oil food supplement. Egg and milk is a good supplier of protein. These strengthen the hair. Beans are best source of antioxidants and vitamin E. This provides sufficient protein for good growing hairs. Eat plenty of green vegetables every day, if possible. They are rich in sodium, potassium, vitamins and proteins. These nutrients produce sebum which is a natural conditioner of the hair. Spinach, broccoli, capsicum is also good for hair growth, and helps to stop hair fall. Sprouts should be in your diet if you want a Healthy hair growth. Silica should be a part of our diet to prevent hair fall. Silica which is present in the bean sprouts helps in the vitamins and minerals to get absorbed well in our system. Cucumber, red and green peppers are also good source of silica. Always remember take sufficient portion of various vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, proteins etc to have a healthy hair, and stop hair fall to a great extend. Remember prevention is better than cure. Sometimes it takes lots of time to detect the problem and find a suitable solution. So, instead of spending money in long term cure, take preventions and take proper food to avoid the hair loss problem.  Modern men are very conscious about their look and healthy, so a guideline will make them follow it.

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