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Foods to Lower Triglycerides – How to lower triglycerides


Foods to Lower Triglycerides

Triglycerides are fats in the form of butter and oils from the food we eat that are carried in the blood.Extra calories, alcohol or sugar in the body turn into triglycerides and are stored in fat cells.

Though, these fats give energy to your body, if the level of Triglycerides shoot up it turns out to be a head ache to you. This in turn leads to an unhealthy problem called as metabolic syndrome.

Triglyceride levels are measured through a blood test called a Lipid Profile… The Lipid Profile depicts the triglyceride level, total cholesterol level, HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. Factors that affect triglyceride levels include alcohol, physical exercise, diet and menstrual cycle. Normal level needs to remain below 150mg/dl. A reading of higher than 200mg/dl is at a risk to stroke, heart attack and death.

High level of triglycerides can be the cause of some medications, thyroid problem, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases. Triglycerides levels can be lowered by eating a healthy diet, maintaining appropriate weight and by regular exercises.

Potential Dangers of High Triglycerides

  • When the level of Triglycerides exceeds a certain limit, it leads to fatty deposits to stay in skin.
  • It also poses danger to your liver.
  • Higher level of Triglycerides blocks the flow of blood in various parts of the body, especially the heart and the brain which in turn leads to heart attack.
  • Men who are exposed to higher level face the swelling of belly fat which is followed by stomach pain and frequent vomiting.

Foods to Lower Triglycerides

  • Diet and lifestyle changes are the first line of defense
  • Fish and Fatty AcidsFish are rich in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids that lower triglycerides in the blood.  It reduces the amount of triglycerides that the liver makes and increases the amount of the liver is able to get rid of.
  • Soy Protein is a plant protein that helps to lower triglycerides more than by animal protein.
  • Nuts have a deep effect on the blood lipids. They are helpful in decreasing the level of triglycerides in people having high triglycerides.
  • Simple carbohydrates like  potatoes, pasta, bread and alcohol helps to  lower triglyceride levels

Diet to lower triglycerides

  • Reduce the intake of sugar and avoid eating sweets as they tend to raise the triglyceride level quickly.
  • Drinking alcohol is also the culprit to raise the level of triglycerides especially for those who normally do not drink.
  • Foods containing carbohydrates should be taken in limited quantity.
  • Eat a good quantity of foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Make it a point to maintain a healthy body weight. A modest amount of weight loss can also reduce the level of triglycerides and cholesterol.
  • Avoid foods that are high in saturated fats. Fried foods, high fatty meats, extra sauces and spreads can the raise the triglyceride level. Avoid Tran’s fats completely.
  • Eating of foods containing high fibers should be increased. They help in controlling triglycerides as well as bad cholesterol… Whole grain, flaxseed, rice bran and fruits and vegetables should form the main part of the diet.
  • Fruits and vegetables are the sure ways to improve one’s health and help in lowering the cholesterol.  The nutrients in the fresh fruits help in improving the health of the skin as well.

A regular healthy serving of fresh fruits, bread, and grains every day is also highly recommended to patients with high triglycerides levels.  These foods that lower triglycerides, and recommended glasses of water are beneficial to lower triglycerides.This will not only take control of triglycerides but will help to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Learn to Lower the Triglycerides

Apart from the food we consume and the way we take care of our diet, it is also important to ensure that few things are to be followed.

  • Healthy Weight – What exactly is a healthy weight can’t be predicted by anyone as there is no standard number being followed. However, you can make sure that your weight matches your height.
  • Unhealthy Fats – Butter Sandwich, ice cream scoops are some of the common foods that increase the level of Triglycerides in your body. Reduce the level of unhealthy foods you consume in order to reduce the amount of Triglycerides.
  • Less Sugar for Good Health – Sugars, fructose in specific is one of the main reasons for higher level of cholesterol in your body. So, learn to have a controlled diet on sugar.
  • Say Yes to Fiber Rich Content – Any fiber rich foods is good for your health. Fiber rich foods help you in keeping your physique intact and help in getting rid of various diseases.
  • Avoid Alcohol – By any means, alcohol should be a big no for the men who are suffering from high