Top food list for the men muscle strength

Top food list for the men muscle strength

Protein plays a major role in building the muscles but the requirement of the amino acids is more for the growth of the individual muscle cells build up. These muscle cells will take the birth in the case of muscle cells damage during the work out sessions. So in the process of muscle growth along with the proteins and amino acids carbs also required in good amounts because in the weight lifting process the energy will go off as muscle glycogen.

Top food list for the men muscle strength

Almonds are the plant-dependent food which are engaged with loads of proteins. They are the power houses of the vitamins, monosaturated fats and magnesium. For almost 300 body biochemical reactions, magnesium plays a major role, it is also required for the protein synthesis and for the metabolism growth.

Cottage cheese

A news was heralded that body builders who are more serious about their muscles include their diet with cottage cheese as a best muscle growth food. A half cup of cottage cheese contains 14 grams of protein and just with 80 calories and two grams of fat. So introduce yourself as a best muscle building product.


One of the mystic food used by body builders and weight lifters for the muscle growth  is oyster. From the 50 grams of oysters you will get 10 grams of protein and two and half grams of fat. Oysters are the houses of zinc and magnesium that are helpful for the protein synthesis. The zinc content present in the oysters are more compared to any other food items.


Milk is an animal food and offers the essential amino acids which are required for the growth of the muscles and it is having premier role in the muscle strength as it is low in fat.

Red meat

Red meats  such as lean beef meat are enriched with weights of proteins. don’t avoid them by their presence of red stigma. In just 50 grams of lean ground beef meat 14 grams of protein will be contained. It also encompassed with the muscle growth components such as B12, iron and zinc.


Serve either in the form of tofu or soy milk, its benefit for the muscle strength is tremendous and is great in comparison with the any other plant products. A half cup of cooked soya beans contains 10 grams of amino acids. Soy is also filled with the other minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the muscle build up.

Whole eggs

The best source to acquire the proteins is by eating the egg, they are enriched with good sum of proteins. A single egg consists of 7grams of proteins. Yolk occupies most of the nutrients level and contains of vitamins A, D and E in addition. The natural presence of cholesterol level improves the testosterone levels.


Yogurt which housed with the natural bacteria stimulate the gastrointestinal health. While you are picking the yogurt ensure to choose plain and low fat yogurt which doesn’t contain the added sugars and fruits.

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