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Best 10  fairness tips for oily skin for men


Men are involved in all sorts of strenuous jobs and this tends to make them look and feel tired. Tired skin becomes so oily in less than time and this is when you appear to be dark and sick. This is the time men are in need of fairness tips to make the skin appear so bright and fresh. Dull skin makes you appear to have lack of confidence and it seems that you are so tired and exhausted at the end of the day. Here you have some trusted homemade recipes which can really help in matters of maintaining the fairness of the skin.

Several people complain of having oily skin and find it hard to make their face look fair. People with oily skin are prone to pimples;their complexion looks darker, than it actually is. Women are not the only ones who battle oily skin. Men are turning more conscious towards their looks in the recent years. They are conscious about their skin complexion, dressing and concentrating on the flawless fair skin. So, come and have a deep look into the below fairness tips that suggests to what to follow for the gorgeous skin.

Tips for Oily Skin for Men

  • Men’s skin is thicker than women, hence they need to choose the skin care products, depending on their skin type whether it is oily, dry or combination. They must wash their face twice a day with aloe Vera or lemon extract which will help in cleansing the skin from the deeper layers. These two ingredients are best to achieve a white skin tone. Oily skin has the tendency to gather dirt and gets sticky easily. Washing the face with cold water will help in getting rid of the accumulated dirt and oil on the skin.
  • Salt face wash has the property to absorb extra oil from the face and leave the skin clear and clean. This is a natural process of removing oil and has no side effects.
  • Men can get a fair skin by exfoliation. This will remove the dead and dry cells from the skin. Exfoliation can be done by rubbing the face with a cotton ball soaked in lemon juice. This works as a bleaching agent and also clears white heads, black heads and mild acne.
  • Men who are exposed to sunlight for long hours are prone to sunburns and tanning of the skin. This must be immediately treated by creams prescribed by a Dermatologist. Creams that are made up of hydroquinone and kojic acid are the best creams to achieve fairness because they help to  lower the melanocytes, which are responsible for the pigmentation process
  • Pigmentation and tanning of the skin can be lightened with fruit fatty acid peel which will make the skin look vibrant and fair.
  • The Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing (CTM) routine is very helpful to the skin. Toning after cleansing gives a final touch to the skin as it cleans the pores and skin completely. A good skin toner is useful to keep the skin clean and healthy it also helps in reducing the size of the pores which in turn reduces the chances of the development of pimples. Moisturizing helps in moisturizing the skin which may otherwise be dry.
  • Men travelling on motor bikes attract environmental pollution which can lead to itching, redness or inflammation of the skin.

Oily skin should be washed with warm water and mild cleanser.  The face should be pat dried and not rubbed by the towel. The wet skin should then be moisturized with oil free light moisture.

Steroids help to build muscles by adding more oil in the muscles.  This can lead to acne. So if men want to build muscles they should stay away from steroids which can help to develop some awe-inspiring musculature, but there can be side effects.

Home remedies for Men’s oily skin

  • Oily skin must be handled with care and discipline. Consumption of lots of water and application of sunscreen should be followed as a daily routine. Regular care of the oily skin will make the skin glowing that would last for a long period.
  • A daily application of cucumber juice with some honey on the face cleans the face and makes the face look fair. A face wash made of papaya mash, honey and milk, applied on the face. Left for some time and then washed off will clean the face and make it free of oils.
  • Application of egg white on the face is well known as a fairness mask that cleans the skin and gives it a fair look.
  • Walnut scrub clears the pores on the skin and helps in getting rid of dead skin cells. The complexion becomes fairer at every usage of this scrub.
  • Raw milk helps in the improving the skin tone and makes one look fair.
  • A paste of turmeric, besan and saffron changes the complexion instantly. This formula works well on oily skin.

Rose water therapy for the skin

It is true that you wish your skin to glow and have that natural radiation. This is when you can apply rose water on the skin in order to make the same appear fresh and rejuvenating. Rose water has all the skin healing properties and it can even eliminate excess oil from the skin texture. This is the reason you can prepare bottle of rose water and keep the same ready to be applied on the face on daily basis. A rose water therapy at the beginning or at the end of the day is sure to work right for the skin and you can notice the difference in few days time.

Coconut oil causing the fairness

Coconut oil will also make the skin look fresh and fair. Application of the same on the skin is sure to work wonders. Take some coconut oil and apply the same evenly to all parts of the face. Allow the oil to retain for some time and then you can wash your face using face wash. The kind of soapy wash will remove all the extra oil from the skin and moreover the prior application of the coconut oil will prevent the skin to become so dry. After the therapy you can notice the skin being different and you will find people asking you the secret of your fairness.

Milk and almond – the perfect combo

Application of almond powder too along with milk can also cause skin fairness especially for men who have oil skin texture. You can mix well almond powder and milk and then it is time for you to apply the mixture well to all parts of the face and keep the solution for some minutes. Milk as well can cause fairness of the skin and this is the reason a combination of the two can really make the magic happen in the best way.

The mixture of banana and egg white

You can even mix banana and the white portion of the egg and then apply the same to all parts of the same. The rubbing has to be done maintaining the perfect massaging techniques. Egg white and banana together can cause wonders on the skin and now you are sure to appear son perfectly fair and blemish free. Your skin fairness is best retained in the manner and at the same time the skin feels so smooth and healthy.