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What are the common diseases caused during summer and how to prevent them?

What are the common diseases caused during summer and how to prevent them?

With the mercury rise we see an increase in a number of health problems. It is important to be aware of the health problems that summer brings with it.

Summer hazards

The heat is the major factor that causes the health problem during summer. Thought the heat kills off mosquitoes it brings with it a number of other health problems. A few of them are:

  1. Heat stroke is a major problem during summer. Excessive heat exposure can cause heat strokes. A minor heat stroke can leave you fatigued but a major heat stroke can claim your life. A heat stroke can be quite sudden hence it is a major health problem during summer.
  2. Along with the heat we see that the sunlight turns against us as well. Exposure to direct sunlight over a long period of time can cause painful sun burns. A sun burn can be highly uncomfortable and can even lead to cancer as studies have begun revealing.
  3. Apart from a sun burn your skin might be vulnerable to a number of skin problems. Acne, rashes and blisters are all common during summer. All this is caused by the excessive heat that the summer might throw at you.
  4. Dehydration is another major health hazard during summer. During your day you might not have the time or the presence of mind to remain hydrated. But the lack of hydration can take a massive toll on your body quite suddenly.
  5. Flu might not seem like a summer disease but the weather condition, the sweating and the effort to remain cool can lead to flu. The changing weather condition is a major factor for flu during summer.
  6. During summer, food festers faster, this is why stomach infections are prevalent. Food poisoning can be caused by the food that you might be eating on a regular basis. Indigestion if a major problem during summer as well.


There are a few preventive steps that can help you survive the summer health hazards. Here are the preventive measures respectively:

  1. Heat stroke can be prevented by reducing stressful work, cooling off, remaining hydrated and by staying in the shad as much as possible. This allows your body temperature to remain regular, thus preventing heat stroke.
  2. Sun burns can be prevented by applying sun block generously. Do not just apply it once and forget about it, re apply when you feel that the sun block has been wiped away.
  3. Cleaning your skin frequently, applying talc, drinking lots of water and avoiding fatty food can keep your skin healthy. You can isolate your skin problems and find ways of solving them one by one.
  4. Having a refreshing drink every now and then can be a relief for your body. But to avoid dehydration avoid fizzy drinks. Energy drinks, lemonade, mock tails and water can be good for you body. Even alcohol is best avoided during summer days.
  5. To avoid flu try to not leave your hair wet for too long and try not to be in an air-conditioned room when your clothes are wet with sweat. Flu shots can also help prevent flu in summer.
  6. Fresh light food is always best for summer. Heavy meaty food can cause indigestion and even food poisoning. Do not eat out frequently and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your belly fit during summer.