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Top advices and beauty tips for men

Top advices and beauty tips for men

Beauty tips for men are reflected in being so dynamic and macho. It is true saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This is the reason the men should take the utmost care f their look and they this is sure to make them appear with the best glamour on the scene.

Times won’t stand same along in all the generations, muscular men are looking the beauty magazines to prep their skin flawless and amazing. Buy why to read your sister’s magazine secretly to known the tips and tricks to make your skin great when there are top list of tips for you.

Bye-bye to all purpose soap

Do you know the skin type of men are 15% oilier than women! It is due to the large pores they are born with. Pores that are large extracts dirt and pollution in the environment more than the small ones and they tend to arrange your skin dirtier. Regardless of the skin type cleansing is very necessary, the way you cleanse balances your skin quality. Stop using that all purpose soap on your face and switch to a mild cleanser, other than you do so it only leaves you the dry skin which promotes for irritation.

Sun protection

A never ending topic that comes all along with you to keep your skin great is sun protection. Protect skin from sun by wearing sunscreen, comfortable clothes and a hat. Every day making a move towards the sunscreen can help to reduce the risk of melanoma by 50%.

Night wash

A night wash every day is the better tip to remove all those dirt substances build up on your skin. Especially men who wear hair gels, creams and sculpting pastes need to rinse them off to push away the Pomade acne. In certain cases these are the serious contributors of your acne break outs on the face. So what all you need to do is to remove the products from your face and head.


One big beauty tip men have to nurture is that shaving. It is good to prohibit shaving with a bed face, for the better shave men have to give few minutes to make it set. Use cream based cleanser instead of the shaving gel for a smoother shave. Creamy cleanser with the creamy consistency gives a fine finish where as gel based products consist of alcohol and makes your skin dry and irritated.

Wash your mouth

If it is that bad odor from your mouth keeping down your super looks then it might be a mouth wash blunder.  Floss and wash your mouth for twice daily with a good tooth paste. It also helps to make your gums puffy and red.


Sweat stains are most common for the heavy sweating people during summer and humid temperatures. So wear cotton and light colored outfits to shuttle air in and out. Also clean your under arms hair to reduce odor and stains.

Hair protection

Hot oil massage for every alternative day and regular rinse off will keep your hair healthy and clean. Cover those gray hairs which are showing you up old with a best hair color cream or dye. You can also try using leave-in conditioner to protect the colored hair from sun damage that may fade out the color.

Proper cleansing reveals beauty

Cleansing is an essential part in trying to reveal beauty. It is important that you clean your face every day. This will help you appear so neat and bright. You face should be washed every morning and every night before retiring to bed. Dirt and grime is not always visible. But, it is there and so you have to take care of removing the impurities and make the skin appear the best.

Exfoliation of the skin is necessary

To reveal beauty, it is also necessary for men to exfoliate. Exfoliation creates that difference in the skin texture as all the dead cells are easily removed from over the surface of the skin. For the same you need to make use of an exfoliating scrub. For this you can use a proper and effective exfoliating agent. In case your pores have been clogged, exfoliation will do justice to the skin by unleashing the pores and allowing the skin to breathe.

Moisturizer helps the skin appear bright

In order to look so fresh it is equally important to have perfect skin moisturizing. The effect of moisturizing is great as men have to shave their face and this causes roughness of the texture. When moisturizer is applied on the skin it tends to stay normal and in consequence the skin appears so bright and soft. Moreover, at the time of shaving you are using razor on the skin and this causes elimination of essential oil from the skin. Thus, when applying moisturizer you are adding the amount of lost oil.

Men look fresh and less aged with an eye cream

Men look aged when the skin around the area of the eyes gets wrinkled. However, most men are ignorant of the fact. The area around the eyes lacks the oil glands and the sweat and this causes dehydration and this causes the area susceptible to lines and wrinkles. Thus, it is important that men apply the kind of hydrating cream and put some under the eye before going to bed every night. The cream will do the needful and keep the area well hydrated.