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Tips on What to Wear with Men’s Black Jeans

The black jeans have probably been the most underrated clothing item since the blue denim predominantly rules the wardrobe racks. But black jeans can bring an enigmatic appeal to your whole look, as it perfectly compliments formal as well as casual attire.

What to Wear With Black Jeans

Now if you are wondering how to enhance your handsome and sexy look by wearing black jeans, then here are some tips that would be helpful for you.

What to Wear with Black Jeans

The Sports Coat

You will look flamboyantly charming by wearing this outfit with your dark jeans. It will enhance your charismatic appearance, which will be soothing to the eyes as well. Casual sports jackets combined with black jeans always prove to be head turner once you walk into the crowd wearing them. They come in several shades such as gray, tan, black and blue.

Sports Coat and Black Jeans

Black and White Combination

It is the most convenient and attractive combination that can be worn without thinking twice. The contrasting colors strike the accord, answering the query of how to style the black jeans. A white t-shirt or a shirt along with black jeans is a superb outfit for any occasion.

Celebrities Wearing Black Jeans

Blazer with Black Jeans

It makes you effortlessly sophisticated with its casual vibe. It can be worn in different ways that suit your taste or according to the venue you are visiting. While hanging out with buddies or girlfriend, you can try out the casual look by wearing a t-shirt underneath the blazer along with the black jeans. It shall give you a smart look without exaggerating the features.

Now if you are out on some professional meeting at an informal place, your black jeans can be combined with blazer along with a shirt. In case you are wearing skinny black jeans, an oxford shirt will be an ideal choice for enhancing your persona.


Ripped Jeans

The primary concern for men is what to wear with ripped black jeans, as an incorrect outfit can spell disaster for you leading to a fashion blunder. Leather jackets, polo t-shirts, a regular white torso with a checked shirt can add class to your look. Mind the accessories when you put on ripped jeans or else you can end up looking like a clown.

Your belt should not be overwhelmingly loud and rather blend in your attire. Right kind of shoes must be chosen as it will complete your outfit.

What to Wear with Black Ripped Jeans

Go With the Jackets

Jackets and jeans are the best recipes for casual attires. Black jeans go incredibly well with jackets of various forms. Be it tuxedo or denim jackets, the whole ensemble emits a masculine aura after wearing it. Leather or sports jackets with different colors like white, black, and tan are some the choices that you can pick.

What to Wear with Black Skinny Jeans in Summer

Go Fully Black

It is the easiest dressing style to pull off when you are wearing black jeans. For a complete black look, you can try different clothing choices like a black t-shirt, jacket, shirt or a blazer paired with black shoes.

Go Fully Black


Skinny Jeans

The skinny jeans almost resemble the women’s leggings as the use of fabric is quite less which you need not tuck in your boots. For the guys who want to achieve a stylish look by donning a skinny jeans outfit during the summer time, you can combine it with chambray button down shirt, a cotton t-shirt with a pair of high or low top sneakers, or vintage running shoes.

What to Wear with Black Skinny Jeans

What Shirt to Wear with Black Skinny Jeans


Watch Your Shoes

Your shoes should be according to the type of black jeans you are wearing since it comes in many categories such as skinny, baggy and slim fit.

Slip on, or loafers are the ideal choice when you get into skinny jeans as it tends to make you look thin. In case you are choosing a trendier look, then you can go for brogues or Chelsea boots. Slim fit black jeans, on the other hand, are straight and a bit roomy than the skinny ones. Shoes that ideally tone with these pants are trainers and the boots. Chukka boots is an appropriate choice with black jeans for a smarter appearance.

Shoes to Wear with Black Jeans

Baggy jeans are the conventional one and the father of all jeans designs. The shoes should also match its mantle hence heavy boots, or sneaker pairs go perfectly well with it. Brown shoes with black jeans are recommendable due to their versatility and contrasting effect.  For revealing the shoes, you can roll up the jeans a little.