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Tips to trun him on, tips to turn her on

tips to turn on

Turn on your partner

For him

  1. Romancing with your girl: Know how to treat your partner in a right way instead of just taking her out for a movie or for a dinner. Speak to her and listen to her regarding what all she likes. Keep complimenting on her beauty, dressing style, smiles and character.
  2. Start Flirting: Comment directly or indirectly in between your conversation to make her understand that she is very pleasing to you.
  3. Show your confidence: Women want their partners to be bold and make them feel secured. For this you may have to bluff to a certain extent. But do not forget that more bluffing will bring more confidence in you.
  4. Give a feel full kiss: Judge for a right time and kiss your partner. Do not shiver or fear while kissing her for the first time. She will surely laugh at the first kiss even after 30 years. Do not start with small kisses but start kissing her the way to want to. Taunt the lips of your partner with your tongue and teeth.
  5. Reciprocate to her reactions: Make sure to pull back yourself and jump back to the step 1 if your partner does not react to your kiss in a positive way. If your partner reacts well for the first kiss, then observe the reactions of her body. If you are unable to notice any change in the body language, then stay in the same step until you find any change and later proceed.
  6. Give a romantic touch: Touch the body of your partner by concentrating on the highly stimulating zones of the body. You can start with the digging of her hair and pulling her more closer to you by kissing her more , more and more harder. You can make a bunch of her hair in your hands and pull her towards you. Make sure to concentrate on her arms, neck and shoulders.
  7. Speak to her: Converse with her telling how joyful is the time spent with her. Speak to her telling her that you lobe the way she is, the way she sounds and smiles at you. Also tell her that she brings a good feeling in you.
  8. Broaden the touch: Start exploring her body once you caress the inner arms and inner thighs of your partner which can heat things up when touched and kissed. This will help you in turning her mood on to you.
  9. Communicate with your body language: Place your partner on you so that you can kiss her wherever you want. Roll over her and kiss her harder than before.
  10. Take off her clothes and repeat all the steps: By following all these steps the turn on portion of the program will be complete. It is left to you to proceed further by taking protection and precautions.

For her

  1. Turn on your guy: Turning on a guy towards you is a very easy task and it is a well known fact. If you are in a romantic mood and want to reveal this to your partner, just drive him crazy by following certain steps.
  2. Start Romancing: Guys love spending for their partners by taking them for a dinner, drive or a movie. If you wish to see your guy doing the same even after year or two after dating, compliment him for what he has been doing. The best way to kill romance is to pretend not just in a short period of time but also in the long run. If you let your guy know and compliment him with a squeeze or a kiss he will keep the things going forever.
  3. Dress to provoke him: Dress more provokingly to keep his eyes fixed in you. The more provoking dress you wear more will be the effect. You can tease him occasionally and have some fun in between.
  4. Star to Flirt: Start indicating to him that you find your partner more hot and sexy. It is very easy to provoke guys and do not forget the fact that they are acting and tryingto control their feelings towards you.
  5. Do not lose confidence: If your goal is to turn on your partner, then show it off to him with confidence. Do not keep your desires and feelings for him hidden.
  6. Give him some Gyan on how to kiss you: Soon after your partner makes his forst move, just kiss him back just like the way you wish to get kissed by him. If you want a hungry kiss then kiss him hardly. If you are looking for a soft and smooth kiss then give him the same.
  7. Get violent: Start exploring your partner’s body by kissing him as much as possible and make him aware of the fact that he alone is not the one who has the desire to feel his partner. Take away his clothes, appreciate the features of his body and kiss him all over.
  8. Allow him to take the lead: Showcase your body language very well and let him now that you are expecting more touches from him. You can also place his hand where you want to feel his touch.
  9. Express through noises: Show him that you are liking what he is doing to you just by saying “hmmmm…” instead of speaking out in words.
  10. Do not let your partner to take off your clothes: If your partner tries to remove your clothes, do not allow him to do so. Instead, remove them all yourself. This will help him turning him high. Deny his touches purposefully. Maintain this until both of you lose control.
  11. Repeat: Repeat the above steps to keep the excitement alive for a long time.