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What are the ways for men to treat the facial skin after shaving?

What are the ways for men to treat the facial skin after shaving?

Human skin is very delicate. Facial skin is even more delicate than skin on other parts of our body. Hence there is always the need to take special care of our facial skin. Facial hair for men can be a way of protecting facial skin but a clean shaven face can be more aesthetic. A shave can cause a lot of facial irritation if not cuts. This is why, no matter how manly you try to be, a little facial skin care post shaves can be indispensible. These skin care tips are simple and can be done even if you are in a hurry. But before knowing the skin care tips one must know the importance of skin care.

The need for skin care post shaves

Facial skin is highly sensitive. A rough shave can take its toll on your face. The first effect can be the roughness and dryness that is noticeable right after the shave. It can also cause acne or pimple break outs. If you do not take proper care of your facial skin after shave then you might have to deal with acne or pimple scars or dry flakey skin. So, to avoid a world of discomfort it is best to opt for post shave skin care instead of skipping it.

Skin care tips

You do not need to have sensitive skin to resort to skin care. Skin care post shave is not a compulsion but a very smart choice. You do not have to go through long cleansing rituals. Here are a few tips that can help your facial skin after a shave:

  • Most shavers have had bad shaving experiences. Shave burns can be a painful aftereffect of shaves. The best thing that can help reduce the pain is ice. The ice can help shut your pores which are agitated and opened by the shaves. If you do not take care of your facial pores then with each shave the pores keep getting bigger and bigger. If you do not want your face to resemble a golf ball then it is best to use ice after your shave. Even if you do not care about your facial pores the ice can help your face feel cool and relaxed after the shave once you apply the ice.
  • Cucumber can be relaxing as well as healing for your facial skin. Cucumber juice can be frozen or applied directly to keep your face hydrated and cool.
  • After shaves should not be optional. Not only can the after shave make your skin smell good it can disinfect the cuts on your skin. There are various kinds of aftershave available in the market. You should always choose the aftershave that suits your skin type the best.
  • If your face is acne or pimple prone then a shave can be very painful and it can even lead to more pain. Use pimple cream right after you are done shaving to prevent your pimples from bursting or growing in size.
  • For those with dry skin it is best to use any facial cream right after a shave. This prevents your face from drying up and flaking.
  • If you are planning to leave your home after a shave be sure to apply sun block. Your freshly shaven face is more prone to the sun than it is with the protective layer of facial hair.

Home Remedies for Razor Bumps

Razor bumps take place when the shaved hair regrow and curl back into the skin.  It is more common with people who have curly hair. Home remedies can help in diminishing their appearance by reducing the swelling around the bumps which will help in releasing the hair from the skin.

  • Tea Bags—cheap moist tea bags help in getting rid of razor bumps with the help of tannic acid in them which reduce the redness and inflammation around the bumps.
  • Baking Soda—is the old fashioned method of treating razor burns. It reduces redness and the  stinging
  • sensation after the shave
  • Essential oil—many essential oils like lavender, chamomile and calendula have soothing properties which help in reducing redness and irritation from the face